Friday, June 16, 2017

What I know know to be true

So I was reading Oprah's book- What I know for sure and was inspire to start write a vlog called -

What I know to be true......

These are things that have held true for me. These are the things that life has thought me. These are guiding beliefs that are true for me. 

I am sure to find more truths along the journey but is what I have learned so far.

Our belief systems sculpt how we see and feel about not only ourselves but what we allow into our world. 

What I know to be true is that when you have a belief system that you hold that says "Hey, the world is a beautiful, fun, safe, kind place and everyone is helpful and kind to me".  You experience the world very differently than someone who says "Hey, the world is sucky and unsafe and people are rude and selfish".

About 5 years ago I went to New York City for the first time ever and alone for a conference. I am use to going on big trips to big places with my husband and family. I often rely on the safe feeling of being with my husband in unknown places in territories but I also had this belief system that I will be supported as I try to navigate through subways, streets and taxis of New York to get myself safely throughout the city. I was super surprise at how many times I was lost and found in NYC that weekend. Whenever I hoped on the subway I had people going out of their way to get me to where I needed to be and always pointing me in the right direction. I remember on the last day of the conference, I had to rush to my hotel to get bags and than rush to the airport. It is was pouring rain and not many taxis were stopping. I asked the doorman at the conference I was at to hail me a cab. He was beyond happy to help me. I remember saying to him how impressed I have been with New Yorkers they are all so helpful and kind. He laughed and said It must be you cause New Yorkers aren't helpful and kind. 

This sunk in. You experience the world the way you see the world.

Whenever I (we) travel I can look back and see how many people went out of their way to be helpful and kind. How many awesome things have happened from people doing really nice things for us! How many extraordinary experiences I (we) have had by being open to a world that wants to bless you with its beauty, wonder and kindness.

The world is always delivering to you exactly what you think the world is. 

This is a truth for me.