Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It takes a village

I was watching the Olympics and it really struck me how many people it takes to get an athlete to the Olympics to compete. It literally takes a village of people supporting, nurturing, believing in and using their gifts to get an athlete to that level.

Greatness is not therefore the effort of one individual athlete but a collective energy that propels that athlete to greatness and excellence.

You are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself! Think about those people - are they people that challenge you to be the best you? Are they people that love you, support you, believe in you, and work to elevate you? I believe Oprah said it best -

I know that I worked to surround myself with the best people around that love, support & believe in me - my family, friends, running partners, coach, PT, massage therapist, Chiro and an ART guy.

After a tumultuous year of having a few personal relationships that didn't met this criteria. I learned the value of this very ideal. Learn to guard myself and uphold these values in my relationships. I only let people in that know my heart, except me and do not judge, for that is love. And I commit to them in the same manner - love without judgement.

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." Proverbs 4:23

Our time here is limited, I learned that only people that will love and support you are where you need to spend your energies.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week In Review

The week I got over it!

Beginning of the week, I had strange nig in my leg that caused me to take an extra day off over last weekend. It was iffy on Monday but with some good therapy it was all but good on Tuesday. Contiuned all week with stretching the glute and hamstring. Did miss out on a 20 X400 workout because of iffy glute & hamstring thing but it is better to run easy and not be injured.

The heat wave contiuned and keep fighting through it.

The results of week

Monday - 8 Easy
Tuesday - 9 Easy (AM) 3 Easy (PM)
Wednesday 9 Rasy
Thursday - 8 Easy (AM) 4 Easy (PM)
Friday - 3.5 W/U , 1 mile of sprint work, 3.5 C/D
Saturday - 9 Easy
Sunday - 2 W/U, 8 mile @ 7:30, 2 C/D

Miles = 70

Friday, July 27, 2012

Redemption on the Track

For all the craziness and ups and downs this week, I had a solid track workout this morning. I got up early to have coffee and breakfast before I left for the track at sunrise. I was sort of nervous as I just haven't felt that great this week and was still picking up the pieces from my emotional day on Tuesday.

I did have a glimmer of hope for a great AM as I check the weather and it read 75 and only 89% humidity and 72 dew point. WOW! I am business now that is darn near fall like conditions.

I went outside and did feel muggy but I reminded myself that the dew point is much lower than I had been running so it will be great.

As I started my warm-up on the track the sun started to rise and a cool breeze started up which kept me relatively cool.

I proceeded to do the workout which was

8 X 150
8 X 50
4 X 120

Now this doesn't look like a lot of work on paper at all but with the 3 minute jog recoverys - the workout itself took 1 hr to complete. And I will atest the fact my legs were tiring in the final 120s even with the full recovery between.

I am happy with workout as I managed another session all in the 4:55-5:22 range. I also felt increbily smooth and fluid. Never forcing the pace. I focused on the fluidity of my stride working to generate the force & speed but in a completely controlled manner. Totally thought about how I would love be a sprinter - I definitely have the developed posterior chain of a sprinter :-)

Anyway from the brink of burnout early in the week to ready to take on the world by the end of the week - goes to show how the eb and flow of training goes.

The biggest lesson I have learned in the past week is when you are on the brink of saying fuck it - always know that you are closer than you think and that the tide can change in your favor literally overnight. Stay in faith even in frustration.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Okay I had it...

So not today but yesterday I felt very much like I had enough of it....I am human and can be susceptible to fatigue, doubt, and fear. The negative thoughts can come hard when fatigue has set in. It is harder to fight back when you have sweated out your soul trying to fight, claw, bleed to stay the course in sauna like conditions.

It all started about mile 3 mile into a 10 miler. I had to start a bit late cause of camp drop off. I started out at 8:30AM and it was 82 degrees, humidity somewhere near 90% and dew point at 76. UGH! I thought the saving grace would be the shade in the trail. I started and wow was surprised that I was actually moving along okay and my spirits immediately were up and I was enjoying the scenery. Well that didn't last long, nope, nope, nope, something had changed around 3 miles in. I felt like all of sudden the effort to move forward was taking lots of energy and my pace dropped quickly by about 30 seconds. I stop to take a drink of gatorade and took note that I was already soaked in sweat. Oh dear - I not sure how I managed the next few miles but knew I was not feeling well to try to complete 10 miles. I could feel my chest working hard and knew my heart was under stress so I returned from the trail to finish 9 miles. In 9 miles, I think I lost every oucne of water in my body. I was dripping and pouring sweat onto the ground as I stretched out. I was so wet that I soaked through a towel that was on my car sit. I got in my car to drive home and sure enough the temp gauged red 92 degree and my phone said the dew point was at 74. Now people until you have run in dew point over 70-75 you don't know that is close to a death walk. This run left me so mentally and physically drained that I was pretty upset and irrational for the remainder of the day.

I am so lucky to have the love of my family which was quick to offer aid in the form unconditional love and support. My husband dropped everything to listen to me whimper about the weather and held me telling me that I will get through it and it will be worth it. I had a daughter forcing me to let go of my frustration by grabbing my face telling me to trust god followed by mommy, you need to breathe in blue skies in and breathe out gray skies out. She held my face til I agreed to do this with her. I said "Joey, but mommy doesn't want more blue skies - I want gray skies!!! Smart little girl says "so Mommy breathe in gray skies and send blue skies away". Mind you this girl is 6 yrs old. Heaven set angel of mine.

Times like these you realized how loved and important you are to them.

The rest of evening I worked my best to let go of my frustration. That worked until bedtime when the emotions swelled again. Running in this heat is getting to be painful and it tests your resolve to keep fighting for your dream. I laid in bed thinking silent prayers asking for strength, guidance and a sign that it all will be well and that I am on the right path.

This morning I woke up early to meet a friend that was visiting from out of town for the run. Due to the time of the morning, I didn't realize the skies were iffy until I reached the parking lot. I got out of my car and saw a HUGE black cloud heading in our direction. I was beyond excited as I knew that this cloud was holding the answer to my prayers. Relief from the heat!!! Within 10 minutes, my dear friend and I were running in the rain!!! Sweet relief - we shared stories of encouragement and love. What a renewing run! I breathed in my gray skies in gratitude all the amazinginess of this day.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One Final Push

11 days to be exact...Will finish off a 10 week training segment where I averaged between 60-72 mpw. Than I get a 2 week regeneration break. The first week of the regeneration period will take me down to 38 miles and slowly over 3 weeks bring me back up 70 mpw. This should give me a renewed season of go-get'ems for my marathon training segment.

I am very excited and feel blessed because the first week of my regeneration period coincides with our vacation. We are going on a Disney Cruise to Grand Cayman, Costa Maya, and Cozumel.

This light of the end of tunnel is giving me lots of end game motivation to finish off this segment well.

I am tired and having been longing for a break especially with the weather conditions. In a way, I feel like I can hang on for this final push. It sort like when you are running maybe a long run or medium long run and you really want to stop but you start bargaining with yourself to go one more mile and a than you get there and you say to yourself okay one more mile and than bamb you finished the entire thing but you did it by just getting the mile your in done. That is how I am going to do these last 11 days, just focus on finishing the miles I have on each day.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A girl and her family that are - ALL IN

A while back, maybe 5 months ago when I had that calf issue, I was seeing a PT to rehab it and to get back to running. I really loved the care he provided and referred him to a good friend who had been dealing with some hip & shin issues.

She had told me after one of her appointments with him what he said about me. That Jamie she is ALL IN. I remember that day that Kim had told me of this conversation. I remember smiling and than Kim saying how awesome it was to be considered to be a person that is ALL IN. I hadn't thought of it all like that but I guess in a way over the past year I have really gone all in. More and more with each passing day and month. My commitment to this path has been cememnted by the work already done, progress already achieve, people that have commited their gifts toward my progress, people that I love & love me giving their unyielding support & love. There is no going back - only forward and why go half in.... There is half way point to greatness. Medicore is the half way to the dream. Greatness goes to those willing to Go Big, Play Big, and Go All In & honor that dream in there heart!

Risk it all!! Dream Bigger!!! Believe!!! Have Faith!!!

I have no idea where this dream will take me but I do know life is worth living to the fullest and taking risks. I do know that I have a family that believes in this dream as their own.

In a conservation with my husband last week, my husband described my running jounrey as our (his & mine) dream. I about bawled! I than reflected on his comment while running that evening. WOW! There is no better feeling than having someone else believe in your dream and your ability to see it through and want it for you as much you want it. My children often give me encouragement and loving comments - like today my daughter got on my legs and starting trying to jump on them saying mommy I need to help you get your legs stronger and faster.

Me as a girl and we as a family have a dream and we are ALL IN!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keep On Keeping On

The humidity and dew point upped its ante over the course of the past 2 weeks. Running in dew points over 70 - can wipe you out and leave you for died.

That is how I felt early in the week. Pretty tired and beat up!

I was feeling the fatigue on a big workout day - Tuesday. Not sure if I was mentally or phyiscally in the right state to attempt this big workout. The warm-up was basically YUCK!!! Which didn't help me mentally or phyiscally.

I decide to go inside and use the treadmill for my 8 mile tempo as it just wasn't going to happen outdoors with temps at 80, 100% humidity and dew point at 73.

I jumped on the treadmill and thought lets see what I can do.

Workout was an alternating tempo from 7:05 - 6:50 over 8 miles.

Hit 7:08, 6:53, 7:05, 6:49 and the wheels starting coming off..fatigue, emotional frustration, head spinning and started to feel dizzy. I made a emotional decision to stop & got off the treadmill crying a bit and sweating a lot. Tried to figure out what I was going to do - finish it or call it a day. After I caught my breath and wiped the tears and sweat from my face, I decide to finish it up by breaking the final 4 miles in to 2 mile tempo intervals with 3 minute rest. Not easy but I think at this point it was more mentality doable. Ran 1 set @ 7:05 & 6:50 & 2nd set @ 7:05 & 6:48.

So I am pretty happy to be running these times even though the workout didn't go perfectly - I am proud of myself for pushing through and making the most of what I had on that day.

I am thankful that for the wonderful family & friends that remind me of how far I have come - thank you for the love and support that you all provide. It is so much appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

I just have to keeping on keeping on....

Dreaming of a day in the 60s with humidity lower than 80% - wow how awesome that would feel!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week in Review

Tough week in the books. I had some success on the track and lots of slow runs in the humidity. Finished it with one of the toughest long runs in a while. I didn't feel great when I woke up. Very tired and tummy didn't feel great but I had to get going or I wouldn't meet up with the crew of people I have been enjoying long runs with this summer. I realized I was going to be a bit late as I as super sluggish and just didn't get out the door on time. I got there and knew I would be about 5 minutes behind everyone so I just had to do the first 5-6 miles alone until people starting turning around at the halfway point. I had a drink of my sports drink and could taste the bile that was waiting to come up. By mile 2 that bile was coming up and I had a bit of vomitting on and off for the first 2-6 miles. I was just wondering what be causing this tummy upsetness. The 100% humidity and 74 percent dew point was not friendly to my body. I seem to not handle this humidty & high dew point well. Anyone I was thankful to finaling be running into people from the long run crew about 5 miles in and found people to run miles 5-12 with and only had to stay tough for miles 12-16. Anyway I never felt good, felt sick most of the time and was a soaking wet mess for all these miles. Yup! This is what getting tougher is ...

Good news on the calf front I have had 3 runs in a roll with no tightness or funkiness. Woo hoo! On Tuesday it was acting up and again so I had to get another massage. Rested in for 24 hours and did an easy & slow run on it Wednesay. It was a bit off on Thursday and Friday but I contiune with light stretching, AIS and contrast therapy and it has been great the past couple of days.

Week in Review

Monday (AM) 5 Easy (PM) 6 Easy
Tuesday 3 W/U, 8 X 150, 3 C/D
Wednesday 4 easy
Thursday (AM) 10 easy (PM) 3 easy
Friday 3 W/U, 10 X 200, 2 C/D
Saturday (AM) 7 easy (PM) 4 easy
Sunday 16

Total Miles = 68.5 Miles

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Summer Home

Na Fo Track has become my home away from home this summer. I churned out 10X200 yesterday here and have done much of my speed work here as well as a few easy runs to get on the soft surface.

I love being at the track anyway you slice it. I feel like I really come alive out there.

Sometimes I have company from a faithful friend who is willing to wake up before the sunrises to jump the fence to run the oval with me but I have spent the majority of my time here all alone finding myself and honing my speed and perfecting my running form.

I figure that I really only have about 3-5 weeks in this phase before I start transitioning out of the speed into the strength work so I better soak up every last minute on that track.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Holding On - It works

How the tides can turning quickly in your favor when you decide to keep a chin up!

Yesterday AM we had a nice break in weather, temps dropped to low 70s with cloud cover. Yes the humidity was still hovering around 80-90% but baggers can't be choosers at this point. I was thanking my lucky stars for the 75 degrees and wonderful cloud cover when I hit the track. I actually feel like God specifically did this for me and me alone :-) hehehe Just kidding..but this break in weather really boosted my spirits.

Ran easy for 4 miles and than I had 8X150 at max effort and 2 recovery miles.

Nothing too demanding but very important part of the overall training plan.

I enjoy this sprint work a lot so I went in to the workout confident. Jeff had list 5:50 pace as the target. When I hit the first one at 5:22 with complete ease, I knew I was in store for a good day on the track.

For the 8 150s -

5:22, 5:11, 5:10, 5;02, 5:00, 4:48, 4:49, 4:45

Those are bascially 30 second sprints at max effort. I was so shocked to see how easily I was able to hit those sub 5 minute paces. I never pushed for them and just had a strong powerful form that I keep relaxed throughout. Wow.. Very excited. I know my coach was very impressed as he had no idea I was that fast. I didn't either!!!

I leaves me very hopeful and excited about all the amazing things to come.

One lesson I learned about this weahter obstacle, it reminded that it is where I need to be to get to where I am going, it is making me stronger and I think it will make me know that I will be able to accomplish what ever work out Jeff throws at me in the fall cause I already went through the hells of training to get to the good stuff in the fall!!!

Hold On - It is always is harder before it gets really good!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hold On

So after a 2-3 weeks stretch of running in record breaking heat, I started to feel the affects of it yesterday. Add the calf that has been on & off cranky.

Yesteday I was suppose to do 8 easy in the AM and than 4 easy PM miles. When I woke up do the 8 easy @ 6AM the temps were they were all weekend - 80s and 93% humidity. I just felt like I was so drained from running it over the weekend it would not be good to try to go out there to gut through 8 miles. So I went back to bed with the thought that I would hit the treadmill @ 9AM after I dropped kids at camp. Perfect idea in my mind as I could do core work directly after run and have time to get kids at camp.

Well it did not go perfectly, first my tummy did not want to cooperate with me. Even inside the gym it was humid and air temp was 76. I think it was just the after effects of the weekend of sweating out every ounce of fluid in me. Than about 4 miles I felt that too familair tugging on my calf. I didn't want to push this thing into needing another massage so I called it a day at 5 miles. I think the treadmill running is what is at the root of this calf issue as it changes your footstrike and you lose the natural forward lean that you get on the road. So with the increase in the treadmill running, my calf has not adapted well. Anyway I knew I need to get out on the road for my evening run.

I was excited about that as we had an afternoon storm that brought the temps down from 100 to 83. Woo Hoo! I was really excited to head out the door in the evening. Miles 1-4 were a nice easy pace but realized with the drop in temps the humdity must be off the charts. I was sweating buckets and losing steam quickly and than my stomach started to feel upset. At exactly 4.5, I felt something hit me in the gut and I stopped in my tracks. I started vomitting on side of the road. This entire day and weeks off running in this stuff has taken its toll. After I was vomitted, I sat on the curb just pretty much ballying my eyes out. What I am doing? Was all that I could think? How am I going to keep going and doing this? I do feel a bit overwhelmed and looking for answers. I ran the 1.5 miles home sort of in a daze of crying confusion at a very very slow pace.

It is just the beginning of July and who knows what July & August will hold weather-wise. Part of me is like how in the hell can I get through this, I want to do it with all my being but wonder how it is going to be possible..Than this song came to mind Hold On by Wilson Philips.

Hold on things will change, Things you go your way if you Hold on for one more than day. I can do that instead of holding on for the whole summer, Just hold on for more day my tide is sure to change. Take it day by day.. Just Hold on....

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week in Review

Monday 8 Easy
Tuesday 8 Easy
Wednesday 3 W/U, 5X1 Mile, 2 C/D
Thursday 6 Recovery
Friday 10 Easy
Saturday 2 W/U, 8@MP, 1 C/D
Sunday 15 easy

Total Miles = 68 Miles

This week was actually suppose to be 76 miles but due to a calf that was contiuning on its tight & funkiness route, I needed to cut 2 of my second runs out to allow for calf to heal up a bit. The calf that initially was causing me an issue last week reemerged after my mile repeat session. I had to baby it all week and I hoping I made it out the woods as it has been much better over the last 2 days. It wasn't such a tough decision either not to run on those 2 evenings as the temps this week were Yuck!! So not a bad week to be forcing a bit of rest. This temps are suppose to come down so I hope to take advantage of the cooldown and get a couple of doubles in. Funny how I feel like have been slacking when I have a week of just singles. Next week - Time to get back to work.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

What kind of seeds are you planting?

In a recent blog post, I wrote about sowing and reaping. That there is a season of sowing and a season of reaping. I firmly know what season I am in and perfectly and happily content in just planting seeds. This is satisfying work.

Today on my first MP run of my season this thought came to mind when finishing the last 4 miles of this run. Heat was already 75-80 at 6AM with humidity at close to 90% and dewpoint of 70 all of which mean hard efforts are going be challenging. After I was sort of wheezing on & off in the first 4 miles and knew I wanted to pick the pace but wondered if I could given the conditions. Would my chest & lungs cooperate? I starting pressing pace to sub 7:30s and tried to get comfortable. Than all these positive & loving thoughts started popluating in my mind. I was thinking about the hard work I have already done this summer and how I was ready to press the pace. How I need to contiune to work hard no matter the conditions. Around mile 4-5, the pace was feeling a bit challenging but I gave myself persmission to work hard and be in the moment. Do not back off!! Than in the final two miles when I part of me wanted to back off, I started thinking what kind of seeds are you planting today??? The just survive this run kind of seeds, the just get by kind seeds or seeds that will blossom into the most amazing, beautiful, hardy plants that will withstand all of natures elements. Given those types of choices, I wanted to plant fricking hardy seeds so I pressed the pace and relaxed knowing I was doing great work this morning.

Thanks to a good friend for accompanying me for the first stretch of miles and getting me off to a great start!!

2 W/U, 7:36, 7:36, 7:35, 7:36, 7:28, 7:25, 7:25, 7:05 - 7:28 average 1 C/D

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mile Repeats - LOVE

Yesterday I had one of the toughest intervals sessions ever. I was excited by the thought of completing it but also this sense of holy shit - Can I do this?

I think one thing that helped me manage this pre-workout mental game was the fact that I love mile repeats. Mile repeats are my favorite workouts. So when Jeff sent me the workout I was like LOVE but shit what are these paces he wants me to hit.

3 mile W/U, 6:50, 6:40, 6:30, 6:20, Last one fast as I can , 2 mile C/D

I realize that sometimes why I am successful in workouts where the assign paces are aggressive is because I don't fear them or come to the workout thinking it is just crazy but my thoughts are mostly of well yes this seems tough but lets just see what I can do and if Jeff assigned it he must think I can do it so here goes nothing. I than take each interval one at a time. Only thinking about the mile I am in and not what I still need to do but solely focusing on the mile before me. Relaxing and staying calm in the moment. Now if I could do in a race setting...ah!! That is where I want to be at to relax, stay calm and focus & curious in a race setting.

Yesterday I ran this workout on the treadmill and I felt solid and strong. The first 2 actually felt relatively easy. I keep thinking wow for 6:50 & 6:40 to feel relatively easy to achieve without laboring - wow, awesome. Even the 6:30 was not a struggle so I knew I could manage the last 2 miles. The 6:20 started to test me a bit and I worked to just to relax and stay calm but I definitely wasn't going anaerobic which made me feel really happy. I was hoping to hit 6:00 for the last one but half through the last one running at 6:11 pace, I started to feel the pain or rather discomfort that you feel in the final mile of a race. I knew if it pressed the pace the wheels might come off before I hit the .75 mark so I held tight at 6:11 & worked at staying relaxed, once I hit the .80 I pressed the pace a couple marks up and finished the last one at 6:09.

So workout was a success and I am so super pleased with the progress this workout shows. While I have not had a race to prove my fitness gains. I realized I am not in the season to see the results of my hard work, I am in the season of sowing seeds. You can not sow and reap in the same season. Trusting that you are sowing some of the finest seeds brings satisfication that when it is time to harvest - it will be a season of an abundance.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

All alone...

I was thinking about why I blog about my running. I think one reason is I like to document my training and progress is helps get out some of my feelings. I try to remember when I go into the world not many people care about running. With the exception of a couple of friends, my dad and husband most people do not care about my running. So I try not to bore people with my ramblings on my running. I keep it mostly to myself so that is why I like writing about my training as it is outlet for expression. It also sort of a diary of sorts where I get to write my current feelings and than look back on them in 3-6 months. It funny how some posts from 6 months ago can reinspire me today. So I contiune to blog to express myself, document the journey as well as inspire myself and maybe someone else to get after it.

Sometimes when you are chasing a goal/dream even with friends that can share a run or a hubby that cares awhole lot, you can still feel alone on your path. I was thinking about this on my treadmill miles yesterday. How alone it can feel walking or rather running this path and being okay with that alone feeling. Know that is part of this journey that I can have friends & family that share points of my path with me but I have to go at it alone in my own power to realize my dream. God didn't give any one else my dream but me. This is my journey where I alone have been equiped with the strength and tools to navgivate its twists and turns. This thought reminds me of a passage from my favorite book - Oh the Places you will Go!!

All Alone!
Whether you like it or not.
Alone will be something
You'll be quite a lot.
And When you're alone, there's a very good chance
you'll meet things that scare you right out of your pants

You'll have to read the whole book to see where this goes but I thought it was a great excerpt from the book to reflect going on the jounrey and being okay with the being alone on it.

Yes, God will brings people onto my path to help guide me(my coach), to heal me (Katie, Elena, PT & chiros), to restore me, to inspire me, to support me (hubby),to cheer me on(friends & family), to keep me from getting to lonely on runs (friends). I believe that God is using everything (good & bad)for my benefit in this journey. I have this feeling that my entire life has been preparing me for this journey. My phyiscal and mental strength has been developed not just in the past year but my entire life of obstacles and triumphs is my well of reflection & source of strength.

Some people use their life and what has happen to them as an excuse for not becoming who God intended them to be & not using their gifts. Not me I use my life trials and truimphs to point to the fact that I am powerful beyond measure and I am overcomer. I intend to use my history to be the fuel for me to press on.

I am a fighter! I am powerful beyond measure! I am an overcomer! I am a child of God and will use the strength he has refined with me to continue on this path.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Work on the Treadmill

My days seem to be surrounded by lots of treadmill action these days. The heat here is really atricous and when you are logging lots of miles the heat can wear down your body and mind pretty quickly. I have come to love one particular treadmill at the local Y. It is a treadmill on the end with an overhead fan and a vent from the air conditioner. Today when I went to the my beloved treadmill was occupied. I positioned myself right near it so I could quickly own it when the runner got off. Luckily I knew the runner in question so that he knew I had dibs on it. Another reason why I like it - is it faces the magazine stand where an advertisement of a dentist office has SMILE in big letters. It is a reminder to smile and enjoy the miles even though they are on a treadmill. I am still running so it helps to always keep my attitude in check. Attitude is everything! Lots of gratitude that I have the option to run on the treadmill and keep my fitness moving in the right direction.

Onto attitude, I was thinking about my attitude lately and really working to improve it. I can see how in the past couple of months I have had this "I just have to survive this summer" attitude. In the first couple of weeks of summer with the kids out of school and heat, I was getting the work in but sort with a bad attitude. Not the usual I am so excited to do this but rather lets just get it. This attitude wore on me a bit..where was the zeal & excitement about what I am trying to accomplish? Need to harvest that excitement even if the conditions & life is presenting more obstacles. The only way I am going to get to the next level is through hard work & a positive attitude.

What about HARD WORK did I think was going to be easy, comfortable or pain-free?

I need to take the focus off how hard this shit is but focus on the goal.

Focus on it's going to be worth it!!! Every sacrifice, every hot & sweaty and uncomfortable mile or boredom enduring run on the treadmill - it is going to be worth it.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Making Strides in the Carolina Heat!

I really am starting to blossom in this heat. I have had a mental shift this week on how I view summer training. I realized that this heat & humidity can only make me stronger. So I am no longer just surviving it but I am flourishing in it!

I think I have found my sweet spot in training which is the 69-72 mpw range - anything below that feels like a down week anything above feels like I am starting to get weary.

Week in Review

Monday (AM) 8 easy + Strides (PM) 4 easy
Tuesday 2 w/u, 2X3 mile @6:58 1 c/d
Wednesday 6 Recovery
Thursday (AM) 10 easy (PM) 3 easy
Friday 3 w/u, 16 X 300, 2 c/d
Saturday (AM) 8 Easy (PM) 3 easy
Sunday 13 with 8 X 90 second surges @ 6:27 pace

Total Miles - 72 miles