Wednesday, July 4, 2012

All alone...

I was thinking about why I blog about my running. I think one reason is I like to document my training and progress is helps get out some of my feelings. I try to remember when I go into the world not many people care about running. With the exception of a couple of friends, my dad and husband most people do not care about my running. So I try not to bore people with my ramblings on my running. I keep it mostly to myself so that is why I like writing about my training as it is outlet for expression. It also sort of a diary of sorts where I get to write my current feelings and than look back on them in 3-6 months. It funny how some posts from 6 months ago can reinspire me today. So I contiune to blog to express myself, document the journey as well as inspire myself and maybe someone else to get after it.

Sometimes when you are chasing a goal/dream even with friends that can share a run or a hubby that cares awhole lot, you can still feel alone on your path. I was thinking about this on my treadmill miles yesterday. How alone it can feel walking or rather running this path and being okay with that alone feeling. Know that is part of this journey that I can have friends & family that share points of my path with me but I have to go at it alone in my own power to realize my dream. God didn't give any one else my dream but me. This is my journey where I alone have been equiped with the strength and tools to navgivate its twists and turns. This thought reminds me of a passage from my favorite book - Oh the Places you will Go!!

All Alone!
Whether you like it or not.
Alone will be something
You'll be quite a lot.
And When you're alone, there's a very good chance
you'll meet things that scare you right out of your pants

You'll have to read the whole book to see where this goes but I thought it was a great excerpt from the book to reflect going on the jounrey and being okay with the being alone on it.

Yes, God will brings people onto my path to help guide me(my coach), to heal me (Katie, Elena, PT & chiros), to restore me, to inspire me, to support me (hubby),to cheer me on(friends & family), to keep me from getting to lonely on runs (friends). I believe that God is using everything (good & bad)for my benefit in this journey. I have this feeling that my entire life has been preparing me for this journey. My phyiscal and mental strength has been developed not just in the past year but my entire life of obstacles and triumphs is my well of reflection & source of strength.

Some people use their life and what has happen to them as an excuse for not becoming who God intended them to be & not using their gifts. Not me I use my life trials and truimphs to point to the fact that I am powerful beyond measure and I am overcomer. I intend to use my history to be the fuel for me to press on.

I am a fighter! I am powerful beyond measure! I am an overcomer! I am a child of God and will use the strength he has refined with me to continue on this path.

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