Saturday, July 21, 2012

A girl and her family that are - ALL IN

A while back, maybe 5 months ago when I had that calf issue, I was seeing a PT to rehab it and to get back to running. I really loved the care he provided and referred him to a good friend who had been dealing with some hip & shin issues.

She had told me after one of her appointments with him what he said about me. That Jamie she is ALL IN. I remember that day that Kim had told me of this conversation. I remember smiling and than Kim saying how awesome it was to be considered to be a person that is ALL IN. I hadn't thought of it all like that but I guess in a way over the past year I have really gone all in. More and more with each passing day and month. My commitment to this path has been cememnted by the work already done, progress already achieve, people that have commited their gifts toward my progress, people that I love & love me giving their unyielding support & love. There is no going back - only forward and why go half in.... There is half way point to greatness. Medicore is the half way to the dream. Greatness goes to those willing to Go Big, Play Big, and Go All In & honor that dream in there heart!

Risk it all!! Dream Bigger!!! Believe!!! Have Faith!!!

I have no idea where this dream will take me but I do know life is worth living to the fullest and taking risks. I do know that I have a family that believes in this dream as their own.

In a conservation with my husband last week, my husband described my running jounrey as our (his & mine) dream. I about bawled! I than reflected on his comment while running that evening. WOW! There is no better feeling than having someone else believe in your dream and your ability to see it through and want it for you as much you want it. My children often give me encouragement and loving comments - like today my daughter got on my legs and starting trying to jump on them saying mommy I need to help you get your legs stronger and faster.

Me as a girl and we as a family have a dream and we are ALL IN!!!

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