Saturday, March 30, 2013

One day Early - Week in Review

So true. "Perfect" is not the goal.

I closed out my week this morning with my last long run in prep for Boston. Ran the first 12-13 hilly miles with a girlfriend and than ran the last 3+ miles harder with 8:23, 7:53, 7:48 & 7:26. Day by day my running is feeling better and less yuck. Some days I still feel it but it is becoming less common and I feel smoother running. I had this feeling this AM of running out of runway for Boston. Just when I am starting to feel really good it is time to shut things down to taper. No time left to do anymore work with the exception of a confidence boosting workout on Monday. Now the time to rest is upon me and trust that I have done enough and all is well.

Joel Olsteen - Be a person of faith and say, "God, I'm going to trust You if I get my way or if I don't. I will trust You in the good times and the tough times."

Monday OFF
Tuesday 6
Wednesday 8 & Yoga
Thursday 12 with 6 uptempo
Friday 7 easy
Saturday 16
Sunday Off

Total Miles - 49
Fight for it.. Victory comes to those who are brave enough and overcome obstacles. Embrace change with an open heart, and let love guide all that you do. No one is perfect, to to see a situation work out perfectly (positive mind) works miracles. Trust... Don't ever give up we are worth it...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vlog Post - Boston Ya'll


I can not believe how close we are getting to Boston people!!! Feeling recovered from my long run on Sunday but going to take one more easy day today to be sure I am recovered and than try for a workout tomorrow which should seal the deal. I am planning on taking 4-5 days off completely next week which should help my thyroid get nice a stable after this last week of training and help me feel fresh. Plus it is spring break for the kids and I do not want to be stressed out about when I get my runs in so all and all I think this is a good plan. I know it is not typical to take so much time off during the taper but I really think it is going to the ticket to fresh legs and healthy & hormonally balanced body. It is funny the week before I ran Kiawah I think I had 63 miles on my legs and with Boston I will probably have in the 30-40 range. We shall see what works better for my body! The experiment of one continues...

I did a vlog yesterday - I didn't end needing the hat or long sleeves. ha

Have a good one ya'all!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Last Long Run - Week in Review


I woke up at 5AM to the sound of pouring rain. Not the kind of rain that welcomes you when u hit the road but the kind that is dumping buckets and creating rushing water on the streets! I listened as I tried to fall back asleep until my alarm would sound at 6AM to get up. I couldn't fall back to sleep and starting thinking no way did I want to run a 22 miler in that down pour so I messaged my running buddies that had committed to running the first half with me. Canceling the run and falling back to sleep. I awoke up around 7:30 and no rain! What than I was I do to - trying to decide what to do and one of them offered to run with me later. Perfect we decide to meet at 11:15 and run from the YMCA. My garmin was not picking up a signal so we ran easy for 1 hr & 40 minutes over lots of hills which I am pretty sure was in the 11 mile range.  I said good-bye to her and went into the Y to pound out the last 11 miles on my own. I knew I wanted to those miles to be higher quality miles. My goal was to get the legs nice and tired running in the hills and than go hard on them. So the 1hr & 40 minutes was a warm up than I did 2 miles at 8:40 just to get legs use to the treadmill than 8X400 @ 6:50-7:00 pace with 8:30 recovery jogs and than a mile cool down. I was spent and had jelly legs in my cool-down but in a very good way. It felt really good to open it on tired legs. I am definitely going to need 2-3 easy days to recovery from this effort. Legs still throbbing as I type this blog post.

I am happy as I got some good quality running in this week with not going overboard on intensity or mileage. Just enough to push the body back into the rhythm of running hard and getting the mind use to fighting through fatigue.

Monday Yoga
Tuesday 10  miles
Wednesday 8 Miles & Yoga
Thursday 10 miles
Friday 10 miles
Saturday 7 miles
Sunday 22 miles

Total - 67

Stand strong and fight on

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Sweaty Girl

I took this picture to send to my hubby in celebration of an awesome run!!!! I was stopped in traffic I promise :-) Finally OMG! Something magically happen. I set out to run a 10 Mile progression with no expectations just run by feel. I started out slow around 8:40 pace for the first mile just to loose up the legs and than I started moving in the second mile I hit 8 minutes and hovered there for bit working my way to 7:53 and than 7:47 and with 2 miles to go I felt like I should see if I could really move so I pressed to 6:53 and than final mile 6:27. Woo hoo! I felt so good :-) I have not felt that great and have a run come to me so easily in at least 2-3 months.

I have no idea what this means and by no means does this mean I am marathon fit to run what I could if I had in a solid training segment but I think it does reflect that my speed is there. It makes me very excited that all those miles really did the work of building a strong aerobic system.

I am very much looking forward to my last long run tomorrow to see what I can do in the last miles of the long run. I very much hope to open it up in those miles. Fingerscrossed!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Day By Day Stronger

hope for tomorrow

Everyday the passes I am feeling stronger and more like my old running self. I am so thankful for each opportunity I get to run. I am savoring everyone of these miles that I have been putting in this week. The runs are coming with more ease and with less yuck. Yesterday I had 10 easy and was back running at my normal easy pace with the same effort that running at 10 minute pace in the week before I was running in the 8:30-9:00 averaging 8:44. So I am pleased to see that everyday I am getting stronger and faster.

I know that after Boston I will go into an extended rest period and a very slow rebuild on my way to Chicago. So this gives me extra incentive to enjoy these miles right now.

Just enjoy whatever each run brings me.

Get out the door and Enjoy!

makes me think of my upcoming florida trip. i suppose i better enjoy the days between now and then(:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Taking a peak...

 Great quote from Eleanor Roosevelt

I have known or rather believed with all my heart that there has to be good stuff underneath and within just waiting for the dust to clear so I can see how good the fitness is. I have worked for a really long time at this and there have been so many miles banked in that fitness warehouse. I have gotten peaks of it every once in a while throughout the months. Those tiny peaks have been enough to keep me holding on and working even when the troubles seem aplenty.

Today I got another peak and it was just a peak but it is enough for me to know that when I feel good than amazing stuff can happen.

Today I ran I had a 3 w/u, 4 uptempo miles, 2 c/d & 4 X 400 Downhill repeats. Nothing special about the uptempo portion but I held on to a pace that would normally be easy. I didn't get down mentally when the target pace didn't come, I just focused on effort not on pace. Uptempo should feel like a marathon pace effort pace a bit slower. I ran the miles 8:23, 8:27, 8:23, 7:57 - Goal of this was just to find my rhythm, focus on form, and relax into a sustained effort.. I did just that and never allowed any fears to enter the mind. I just keep thinking last week a 8 minute mile would had have me on the side of the road gasping for air. So staying in a place gratitude knowing I am getting there and it will all come back. I think keeping myself happy and satisfied with whatever effort was possible allowed for the downhill repeats to be gems. Last week I did the same downhill repeat in the range of 7:48 working down to 7:10. Today I was shocked when I effortless hit the first one at 6:48, 6:23, 6:18, 6:05. Same work as last week but a whole minute faster!

Goal of these downhill repeats is to really beat up the quads and focusing on a nice, relaxed downhill stride.

This run had me believing in the underlying fitness and on the right day when I am rested and the TSH is the normal range anything is possible.

The best is yet to come...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week in Review - A Balancing Act

Finding Balance

My return to running has been a delightful surprise this week. Early in the week I was still struggling but each day I started to feel better and stronger. I know right now is a delicate balance between training my body to meet the demands of Bostons course but allowing for enough recovery so that the thyroid can do it's job of maintaining the delicate balance of hormones.

For the next week with 4 weeks to go, I will have to stay patience and not press too much or push the miles too high.

Monday Yoga
Tuesday 7 Easy
Wednesday 8 Easy with 5X 2:00 Minute Downhill Repeats
Thursday 6 easy
Friday 2 W/U, 5 miles of fartlek work, 2 c/d
Saturday 6
Sunday  18

Total miles - 55

finding balance

Friday, March 15, 2013

I ran fast!

One Day at a Time

Early in the week I got the news that my TSH had come back into the normal range. It was on the low side of normal but it was starting to normalize so I was given the go ahead to push it now that my heart rate was no longer a concern. On Wednesday when TSH-wise I should have felt better, my 8 easy was still feeling difficult but than magic happened in the Downhill repeats. I had 5 X 2:00 minute Downhill repeats to beat the quads up a bit. The first one was 7:40 and it felt good so I kept letting the legs go from 7:26, 7:18, 7:10 and than 7:08. I never felt like I was pressing and they all felt relaxed and comfortable. A good sign! Than on Thursday I felt really good running easy which really was the first day I had felt good running easy in literally 4 weeks. I felt like I needed a workout to prove to both my body and mind that I could run fast so it was decided I would do a fartlek 2,4,6,8,6,4,2 @ hard effort with 60 second recovery. I went to the track and it was windy as heck but a nice comfortable temp of 45 degrees. The warm-up and strides felt really good so I was hopeful for what I could do in this workout. Now with 4 weeks to go til Boston this is not a marathon specific workout by any means but the goal was really to run fast to prove to my body and mind that I could run fast, get a feel for what working hard feels like, remembering how to relax into a challenging pace and get the legs moving again without too much stress.

Not matter how fit you are, first workouts back are always a shock to the system but I was pleased that it came pretty easily without feeling like ass. The first one I think I went out too fast trying to find the right pace and paid for it the following 2 intervals and the wind that was knocking me around in some  of the stretches was tough stuff.

2 - 6:41
4 - 6:50
6 - 6:55
8 - 6:52
6 - 6:52
4 - 6:45
2 - 6:24

And to think that just 5 days ago running 10:00-10:30 easy pace was very difficult for me. 

Lesson learned - One day at a time!! 

One Day At A Time

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Boston on my mind

117th Boston Marathon2013 Boston Marathon
2013 Boston Marathon
Wherever you are in the running world, I am sure the Boston buzz has reached you! My first Boston after working for 3 years to get there and it is just over 4 weeks away! I am thrilled and as everyday that it gets closer I am savoring the anticipatory excitement. 

I ran into a friend at the Teeter (grocery store) and he asked when is Boston? Bubbingly with excitement, I replied just over 4 weeks! He than asked me if I was fit and ready? My reply "Well that is debatable. I will be able to get to the start line and I plan on crossing the finish line. What happens in between remains uncertain but whatever the day holds I plan on enjoying the fricking day to the fullest."

A lot can happen in 4 weeks! A lot can happen in 2 weeks! Two weeks ago I was still struggling to get out bed and now I am running better and better with each passing day. Today was the first run back where I thought just maybe I am not going to be run/walking Boston. I actually felt good running.

If things keep this trend I can only imagine how I will feel in 4 weeks. I am banking on the fitness that is in there from years of marathoning and miles I have put in the fall/winter to get me across that finish line. 

Keeping the dream alive! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What is Faith?

#Faith # Faith # Faith

I truly believe having faith is believing in the unseen, believing in what you know in your heart to be true without any outside evidence, believing your hearts urgings over the voice of fear and knowing that you do not have to see it to know what was promised to you is on its way. Faith is not having to have the world know that your dream is on its way. You just know it! You can endure anything knowing that it is still on its way.

When you are called to have faith, it is believing that in spite of what your current circumstances are that your future is full of gold for your pain.

God does not promise a life without pain and obstacles but he does promise beauty for our ashes.

It has been my unwavering faith that is bringing me through these trials. I do not come through with a bitterheart but with a joyous heart knowing that God rewards faithful hearts that endured the pain of disappointment withoutt losing faith that God was at work and knowing that the contrasting emotion or circumstances is needed and apart of the process  Yes, we can feel the pain of disappointment but we must return to love and let God heal the wounds of disappointment  When we try to be strong and steel our hearts, we move father away from grace and peace.

Much love and light to you all!!! Thank you all for helping to heal my heart these past weeks/months!!! All the notes and support have been my anchor!

Shine on you crazy diamonds!!!

Shine on.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Back on the Road - Week in Review

This week was a huge difference from last week. I was so thankful to be running a long run today when just 10 days running 2 miles was extremely difficult. At the beginning of the week I came down with some type of a cold that hit me like a ton of bricks on Monday so I rested for 2 days and starting to feel better each day on that front. I think the fatigue I have felt this week has been a combination of the cold and suppressed TSH which each day I should see an improvement in both.

Monday Yoga
Tuesday Off
Wednesday 3 easy
Thursday 7 easy
Friday 5 easy
Saturday 6 easy
Sunday  15 easy

Total Miles - 36 miles
be thankful

Friday, March 8, 2013

Close to Overdosed


I wanted to literally call all my family and friends today and I scream I am going to okay!! I got into the Endocrinologist this morning that I was wait listed to see in April. They had a last minute cancellation and called me!!! I was so excited for my appointment this morning. Although while waiting I was trying suppress the emotions that were running through my head. Thinking of what I have gone through physically and mentally these past few months and hoping that today would set me on a new course. I was so for lots of answers to the million and one questions and just hoping he would not put me back on synthroid.

I was delighted when he thoroughly went through my history and was seemingly eager to get me straightened out.

He first concluded that I should have never been put on that high of a dose of synthroid that I had been taking for 7 weeks. I am so lucky no long term damage was done.

Synthroid Overdose

Synthroid is a "narrow therapeutic index" medication, which means that the safe and effective dose is close to the toxic dose. As a result, a Synthroid overdose can occur if you take even a little more of your dosage than prescribed. Overdose symptoms can be dangerous and may include seizures, heart palpitations, and strokes. Treatment options for a Synthroid overdose may include pumping the stomach and supportive care.

He also did a ultrasound on thyroid finding in fact I did have Hashimoto's but he could tell it was relatively new onset and very little damage has been done to the thyroid. Hashimotos is an autoimmune disease where your body starts attacking itself and in this case my thyroid was being attacked.

He did concluded that usually most people that experience a thyroid issue usually something triggers it for instance pregnancy is a huge one, getting really sick, some time of stress, and yes hard training. He did suspect that at some point my body was not able to adapt and recover from the training which could have set the thyroid disorder in motion.

He was super supportive of my running and thinks I will be Aokay to run Boston. He said it will take the synthroid 4 weeks to fully be out of my system and should see my TSH level return to the normal range by that time. Perfect as Boston is now 5 weeks away! We will get more bloodwork done at the 4 week mark and I should have an idea what my TSH level is going into Boston. Than goal is to see if my body regulates itself post-Boston if not he may put me on a very small dose of synthroid to simulate the thyroid to work properly.

I have gone to gluten free diet for the Hashimotos which keep it from attacking the thyroid.

My goal is now to get my fricking life back from all this thyroid drama. I hope to run easy at Boston and enjoy a fabulous weekend celebrating getting to Boston with my beloved family. Than run easy through the spring while we monitor my thyroid to see how it responds to training and run a couple fun races with friends than come summer get my head around a fall marathon training cycle.

Those are my hopeful goals but life is funny sometimes it has its own plans.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Making the case for Cooperation vs Competition

Cooperation by Eko Adiyanto

With increase in social media such as Facebook or Athlinks we are inundated with information daily and constantly about others peoples daily lives and running life. This information was not around 3-5 years ago. We had very little information about the runners we run with at races. Now we have so much information yet not having anything truly of value at all. We glimpse into others lives, make judgments and assumptions but yet have no idea really what is truly in someone's heart unless you are true friend and family member. It is very easy to get caught up with this information without having any clue about the people behind the status updates or race times. It is very easy to get up in the compare and contrast game. Facebook/Athlinks almost encourage that part of ourselves that we know is not of our nature. It is not natural for us to compare ourselves, our gifts, or our journey's that is why it feels so bad when we let ourselves go there. There is a very famous quote that is so true that "Comparison is the thief of joy".

comparison is the thief of joy.

We can never truly know someone's story or journey or where God is taking them or doing in their hearts. It is our job to celebrate each other, champion each other and truly wish all well with a sincere heart not just our friends or those easy to cheer on but those that you may see as competition or those that are works in progress. We are not here to compete with each other but to cooperate with each other.

I know what it is like to race a race in both competition and cooperation mode. I can tell you that it feels a million times better to support another runner or vice/versa to an awesome time than trying to run against another runner. If we truly value each other we all can benefit from some cooperation.

Cooperation works best it is freely given and encouraged. It promotes goodwill toward each other and is a gift that is always appropriate in running and in life.

I recently read this in a medical journal article about the value of cooperation for mental health. Here is a valuable and relevant excerpt.

Focus on doing well. Isaksen points out that attempting to do well and trying to better than others are two separate mental processes.  It is impossible to concentrate on both.  Of the two, cooperating with yourself and others to create a positive outcome has more rewards. 

Comparison is the thief of joy.  (So true...especially in business.  Create your own personality for your brand!)

Coming out of the Fog

James 4:14

And it feel so good!!! I literally have been sleeping between 12-16 hours a day for the past 4-5 days. I woke up fresh this morning with no need or want to crawl back into after kids went to school. I stayed vertical to have breakfast and get out the door to meet some friends for a short & easy run. I feel so much better from last week. I literally feel like last week I was in a sleep coma of sorts and as my body  flushed last of the synthroid of my system and each day I feel better and better. I awoke today refreshed & very happy. Thankful the AM to share a run with great gals, coffee date with close friend and than a lunch date with another close friend. What an amazing day for me!

I am very content in this approach to my running. Run what I can and when I can and let the rest go for the timing being.

This is where I am suppose to be. I am at peace and confident that my life is unfolding as it should.

When I was struggling with letting myself rest last week all that rang in my head/ears when waking up past 10AM was be still and wait on the lord and everything was working together for the good. Both of which eased my need to control and be compassionate with myself to say you need this be kind to yourself.

I feel like God was calling me to rest, let go and really let God. It really was not easy to go through and there was lots of tears shed but I can literally see more clearly now that this storm has passed.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sleeping the Week Away - Week in Review

Thought for Today - Saturday Sept 22,2012 - Rest when you're weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work. Ralph Marston

In the beginning the week, I was still pushing through the fatigue that I had been experiencing for a good time. With my thyroid functioning at such a high level due the meds, my body would start to feel more worn down really easily and I would feel the need to rest more often. I resisted it for the most part. Than on Wednesday after not being able to run 2 miles, my inner voice was screaming at me to rest!!! I let myself off the hook and just rested. I allowed my body to get the sleep it had been craving for so long. I literally slept until 10AM from Thursday through Saturday and than took an afternoon nap of 1-3 hrs. This sleep was so deep that I could not pull myself out of it. Lucky for me my hubby would get the kids out the door for me and just covered me all day on Saturday.

This AM I woke up before 10AM! I was felt refreshed and in good spirits! I decided to lace up the shoes to see how running felt. I was able to run 6 easy miles without feeling like it was a death march!! Ah! I am going to continue to rest as much as possible and take my running day by day based on energy level. 

Monday 4 Miles
Tuesday 60 minute Hike
Wednesday 2 Miles & 60 Minute Walk
Thursday 60 minute Hike & 45 Minute Walk
Friday Rest
Saturday Rest
Sunday 6 Miles

Miles total = 12 Running Miles

I am proud of myself for listening to that inner voice that told me to rest. I am proud of myself for running today and enjoying it even those my pace is much slower. I celebrated that I could run today and no matter the pace I was still able to do what I love.

do what you love !

Friday, March 1, 2013

Endure What Needs Enduring



: to undergo (as a hardship) especially without giving in

: to remain firm under suffering or misfortune without yielding

: to regard with acceptance or tolerance

Believe. Obey. Endure

On Wednesday, I got the results of my recent blood test. It has been 7 weeks since I started synthroid (thyroid hormone) and I was anxious to see what the test read. I had been feeling increasingly fatigued and shorter runs were becoming more difficult and I have been having a hard to breathing in general (shortness of breath).  I spoke with the nurse on Wednesday afternoon, I knew I hadn't been feeling really good and when said told me my current TSH number. I was totally stunned. I am now .0069 which is VERY hyper. I did give me pause and a few tears poured as I relayed the results to my husband. 

Essentially my hormone level has swung from one side of the fence to other. I made the decision to stop taking the hormone till I get into an respect Endocrinologist in April. I am hoping my hormone level comes back up on its own. The hormone should be out of my system in 6 days and my body will hopefully bring me into a healthy range so that I can run again. I have stopped running all together due the hormone level causing my heart to be elevated which puts me in danger of causing cardiovascular damage till my TSH gets up to at least .25-.5 .. Healthy range would be .5-2.5 . 

I love running, I love chasing my dreams, I love sharing my gifts...I will continue to use this love to endure this trial. Endure what needs Enduring...

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. -1 Corinthians 13:7