Friday, March 15, 2013

I ran fast!

One Day at a Time

Early in the week I got the news that my TSH had come back into the normal range. It was on the low side of normal but it was starting to normalize so I was given the go ahead to push it now that my heart rate was no longer a concern. On Wednesday when TSH-wise I should have felt better, my 8 easy was still feeling difficult but than magic happened in the Downhill repeats. I had 5 X 2:00 minute Downhill repeats to beat the quads up a bit. The first one was 7:40 and it felt good so I kept letting the legs go from 7:26, 7:18, 7:10 and than 7:08. I never felt like I was pressing and they all felt relaxed and comfortable. A good sign! Than on Thursday I felt really good running easy which really was the first day I had felt good running easy in literally 4 weeks. I felt like I needed a workout to prove to both my body and mind that I could run fast so it was decided I would do a fartlek 2,4,6,8,6,4,2 @ hard effort with 60 second recovery. I went to the track and it was windy as heck but a nice comfortable temp of 45 degrees. The warm-up and strides felt really good so I was hopeful for what I could do in this workout. Now with 4 weeks to go til Boston this is not a marathon specific workout by any means but the goal was really to run fast to prove to my body and mind that I could run fast, get a feel for what working hard feels like, remembering how to relax into a challenging pace and get the legs moving again without too much stress.

Not matter how fit you are, first workouts back are always a shock to the system but I was pleased that it came pretty easily without feeling like ass. The first one I think I went out too fast trying to find the right pace and paid for it the following 2 intervals and the wind that was knocking me around in some  of the stretches was tough stuff.

2 - 6:41
4 - 6:50
6 - 6:55
8 - 6:52
6 - 6:52
4 - 6:45
2 - 6:24

And to think that just 5 days ago running 10:00-10:30 easy pace was very difficult for me. 

Lesson learned - One day at a time!! 

One Day At A Time

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