Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week in Review - A Balancing Act

Finding Balance

My return to running has been a delightful surprise this week. Early in the week I was still struggling but each day I started to feel better and stronger. I know right now is a delicate balance between training my body to meet the demands of Bostons course but allowing for enough recovery so that the thyroid can do it's job of maintaining the delicate balance of hormones.

For the next week with 4 weeks to go, I will have to stay patience and not press too much or push the miles too high.

Monday Yoga
Tuesday 7 Easy
Wednesday 8 Easy with 5X 2:00 Minute Downhill Repeats
Thursday 6 easy
Friday 2 W/U, 5 miles of fartlek work, 2 c/d
Saturday 6
Sunday  18

Total miles - 55

finding balance

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