Sunday, March 24, 2013

Last Long Run - Week in Review


I woke up at 5AM to the sound of pouring rain. Not the kind of rain that welcomes you when u hit the road but the kind that is dumping buckets and creating rushing water on the streets! I listened as I tried to fall back asleep until my alarm would sound at 6AM to get up. I couldn't fall back to sleep and starting thinking no way did I want to run a 22 miler in that down pour so I messaged my running buddies that had committed to running the first half with me. Canceling the run and falling back to sleep. I awoke up around 7:30 and no rain! What than I was I do to - trying to decide what to do and one of them offered to run with me later. Perfect we decide to meet at 11:15 and run from the YMCA. My garmin was not picking up a signal so we ran easy for 1 hr & 40 minutes over lots of hills which I am pretty sure was in the 11 mile range.  I said good-bye to her and went into the Y to pound out the last 11 miles on my own. I knew I wanted to those miles to be higher quality miles. My goal was to get the legs nice and tired running in the hills and than go hard on them. So the 1hr & 40 minutes was a warm up than I did 2 miles at 8:40 just to get legs use to the treadmill than 8X400 @ 6:50-7:00 pace with 8:30 recovery jogs and than a mile cool down. I was spent and had jelly legs in my cool-down but in a very good way. It felt really good to open it on tired legs. I am definitely going to need 2-3 easy days to recovery from this effort. Legs still throbbing as I type this blog post.

I am happy as I got some good quality running in this week with not going overboard on intensity or mileage. Just enough to push the body back into the rhythm of running hard and getting the mind use to fighting through fatigue.

Monday Yoga
Tuesday 10  miles
Wednesday 8 Miles & Yoga
Thursday 10 miles
Friday 10 miles
Saturday 7 miles
Sunday 22 miles

Total - 67

Stand strong and fight on

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    It looks like you've put in some strong training. And now your last long run is out of the way!! Just 3 more weeks to go... :-)