Friday, March 8, 2013

Close to Overdosed


I wanted to literally call all my family and friends today and I scream I am going to okay!! I got into the Endocrinologist this morning that I was wait listed to see in April. They had a last minute cancellation and called me!!! I was so excited for my appointment this morning. Although while waiting I was trying suppress the emotions that were running through my head. Thinking of what I have gone through physically and mentally these past few months and hoping that today would set me on a new course. I was so for lots of answers to the million and one questions and just hoping he would not put me back on synthroid.

I was delighted when he thoroughly went through my history and was seemingly eager to get me straightened out.

He first concluded that I should have never been put on that high of a dose of synthroid that I had been taking for 7 weeks. I am so lucky no long term damage was done.

Synthroid Overdose

Synthroid is a "narrow therapeutic index" medication, which means that the safe and effective dose is close to the toxic dose. As a result, a Synthroid overdose can occur if you take even a little more of your dosage than prescribed. Overdose symptoms can be dangerous and may include seizures, heart palpitations, and strokes. Treatment options for a Synthroid overdose may include pumping the stomach and supportive care.

He also did a ultrasound on thyroid finding in fact I did have Hashimoto's but he could tell it was relatively new onset and very little damage has been done to the thyroid. Hashimotos is an autoimmune disease where your body starts attacking itself and in this case my thyroid was being attacked.

He did concluded that usually most people that experience a thyroid issue usually something triggers it for instance pregnancy is a huge one, getting really sick, some time of stress, and yes hard training. He did suspect that at some point my body was not able to adapt and recover from the training which could have set the thyroid disorder in motion.

He was super supportive of my running and thinks I will be Aokay to run Boston. He said it will take the synthroid 4 weeks to fully be out of my system and should see my TSH level return to the normal range by that time. Perfect as Boston is now 5 weeks away! We will get more bloodwork done at the 4 week mark and I should have an idea what my TSH level is going into Boston. Than goal is to see if my body regulates itself post-Boston if not he may put me on a very small dose of synthroid to simulate the thyroid to work properly.

I have gone to gluten free diet for the Hashimotos which keep it from attacking the thyroid.

My goal is now to get my fricking life back from all this thyroid drama. I hope to run easy at Boston and enjoy a fabulous weekend celebrating getting to Boston with my beloved family. Than run easy through the spring while we monitor my thyroid to see how it responds to training and run a couple fun races with friends than come summer get my head around a fall marathon training cycle.

Those are my hopeful goals but life is funny sometimes it has its own plans.


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