Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hold On

So after a 2-3 weeks stretch of running in record breaking heat, I started to feel the affects of it yesterday. Add the calf that has been on & off cranky.

Yesteday I was suppose to do 8 easy in the AM and than 4 easy PM miles. When I woke up do the 8 easy @ 6AM the temps were they were all weekend - 80s and 93% humidity. I just felt like I was so drained from running it over the weekend it would not be good to try to go out there to gut through 8 miles. So I went back to bed with the thought that I would hit the treadmill @ 9AM after I dropped kids at camp. Perfect idea in my mind as I could do core work directly after run and have time to get kids at camp.

Well it did not go perfectly, first my tummy did not want to cooperate with me. Even inside the gym it was humid and air temp was 76. I think it was just the after effects of the weekend of sweating out every ounce of fluid in me. Than about 4 miles I felt that too familair tugging on my calf. I didn't want to push this thing into needing another massage so I called it a day at 5 miles. I think the treadmill running is what is at the root of this calf issue as it changes your footstrike and you lose the natural forward lean that you get on the road. So with the increase in the treadmill running, my calf has not adapted well. Anyway I knew I need to get out on the road for my evening run.

I was excited about that as we had an afternoon storm that brought the temps down from 100 to 83. Woo Hoo! I was really excited to head out the door in the evening. Miles 1-4 were a nice easy pace but realized with the drop in temps the humdity must be off the charts. I was sweating buckets and losing steam quickly and than my stomach started to feel upset. At exactly 4.5, I felt something hit me in the gut and I stopped in my tracks. I started vomitting on side of the road. This entire day and weeks off running in this stuff has taken its toll. After I was vomitted, I sat on the curb just pretty much ballying my eyes out. What I am doing? Was all that I could think? How am I going to keep going and doing this? I do feel a bit overwhelmed and looking for answers. I ran the 1.5 miles home sort of in a daze of crying confusion at a very very slow pace.

It is just the beginning of July and who knows what July & August will hold weather-wise. Part of me is like how in the hell can I get through this, I want to do it with all my being but wonder how it is going to be possible..Than this song came to mind Hold On by Wilson Philips.

Hold on things will change, Things you go your way if you Hold on for one more than day. I can do that instead of holding on for the whole summer, Just hold on for more day my tide is sure to change. Take it day by day.. Just Hold on....

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