Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week in Review

Monday 8 Easy
Tuesday 8 Easy
Wednesday 3 W/U, 5X1 Mile, 2 C/D
Thursday 6 Recovery
Friday 10 Easy
Saturday 2 W/U, 8@MP, 1 C/D
Sunday 15 easy

Total Miles = 68 Miles

This week was actually suppose to be 76 miles but due to a calf that was contiuning on its tight & funkiness route, I needed to cut 2 of my second runs out to allow for calf to heal up a bit. The calf that initially was causing me an issue last week reemerged after my mile repeat session. I had to baby it all week and I hoping I made it out the woods as it has been much better over the last 2 days. It wasn't such a tough decision either not to run on those 2 evenings as the temps this week were Yuck!! So not a bad week to be forcing a bit of rest. This temps are suppose to come down so I hope to take advantage of the cooldown and get a couple of doubles in. Funny how I feel like have been slacking when I have a week of just singles. Next week - Time to get back to work.

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