Friday, July 27, 2012

Redemption on the Track

For all the craziness and ups and downs this week, I had a solid track workout this morning. I got up early to have coffee and breakfast before I left for the track at sunrise. I was sort of nervous as I just haven't felt that great this week and was still picking up the pieces from my emotional day on Tuesday.

I did have a glimmer of hope for a great AM as I check the weather and it read 75 and only 89% humidity and 72 dew point. WOW! I am business now that is darn near fall like conditions.

I went outside and did feel muggy but I reminded myself that the dew point is much lower than I had been running so it will be great.

As I started my warm-up on the track the sun started to rise and a cool breeze started up which kept me relatively cool.

I proceeded to do the workout which was

8 X 150
8 X 50
4 X 120

Now this doesn't look like a lot of work on paper at all but with the 3 minute jog recoverys - the workout itself took 1 hr to complete. And I will atest the fact my legs were tiring in the final 120s even with the full recovery between.

I am happy with workout as I managed another session all in the 4:55-5:22 range. I also felt increbily smooth and fluid. Never forcing the pace. I focused on the fluidity of my stride working to generate the force & speed but in a completely controlled manner. Totally thought about how I would love be a sprinter - I definitely have the developed posterior chain of a sprinter :-)

Anyway from the brink of burnout early in the week to ready to take on the world by the end of the week - goes to show how the eb and flow of training goes.

The biggest lesson I have learned in the past week is when you are on the brink of saying fuck it - always know that you are closer than you think and that the tide can change in your favor literally overnight. Stay in faith even in frustration.

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