Friday, August 2, 2013

Pulling back the layers of an Onion

Good Health is priceless!

I feel like I am making big process with my health. It is like pulling back the pieces of an onion. One layer by layer. When I have started to feel discouraged when things are not exactly perfect, I look back at how far I have come and how much progress has been made. I am pretty darn close to perfect!!!

I have changed my diet and have been gluten free for 8 months which has normalized my thyroid antibodies which are the marker for autoimmune disease.

I have lost the weight that came on when thyroid went wacky town. My body is feeling like my old body. I am fitting into my old summer clothes. I no longer fear putting on something that I fear may not fit me. Pretty pleased about this especially since there is plenty of summer left for wearing those clothes.

My TSH is lowering which means the new meds are working. Another 4-6 weeks and I just may be where I need to be in order to be optimal. I have been on these new meds for 4 weeks and my body seems to be adjusting much better than the first time I tried to go on Armour which means my Adrenal glands are healing. Something I have learned in this process is that our body can not utilize thyroid hormone if the adrenals are off.

My Adrenal glands which produce coritsol are healing!!! We still have a little more room to make some improvements here but I learned a lot on how to manage coritsol and feel like perfect adrenal health is so close!!

I also cleaned up my overall diet in terms eating for health and remembering that food is medicine. The food I take in has the power to heal, restore and help me recover so I can be both a healthy person and run to my potential.

So today I celebrate how far I have come and the improvements in my health.
Make good health decisions now, and have more opportunity for good health later in life.

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