Sunday, October 20, 2013

2 Weeks of Focus

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These next 2 weeks will be the biggest in terms of mileage and intensity since working with my coach Tyler. He has keep me between 40-60 miles pretty much from the get go when he starting coaching me last April. Mainly keeping the mileage low because of my thyroid and adrenals did not get affected by the training load which I think it is hasn't because I have been able to handle it well.

With a big week of 69 miles on tap, I am super excited but I know it is going to take some focus and elimination of distractions so that I am running, eating, stretching, relaxing and sleeping all well this week. This is not the week for extra activities. It will take lots of discipline not to get distracted because the sleeping and resting/relaxing are going to be crucial to my recovery.  I have already alerted my husband to my schedule so that he will be aware if I am tired or snappy ;-)

It has been a long time since I hit that mileage so I am looking forward to training hard this week and making it count. 14 weeks to my marathon and 4 weeks to my half marathon. Time to focus and go to work.

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