Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Remembering that when one door closes, another one will open

Shut Doors

This is a lesson I have learned before and recently relearned it. Funny how life always reminds of us these life lessons.

You know I will be 100% honest that I was heartbroken that I did not run well at my 15K this weekend. I had hopes of running strong but my thyroid had a complete different idea. I found out in fact my thyroid levels were off. For anyone that knows anything about thyroid physiology I was at .29 TSH which made me hyper. It is much more difficult to run in hyper state than it is to run in a hypo state from my experience. I know it doesn't make sense cause you think hyper oh you will be faster - nope. Hyper is just as a crappy state as Hypo and when running cause you have too much thyroid hormone in your blood so your heart can not regulate itself properly thus making running feel awful.

I was frustrated and heartbroken on Sunday not really understanding why I was still on this thyroid rollercoaster. By Monday, I had let go of that frustration and was determine to make sense of the day.

I knew that both the thyroid and allergy season were both at play and contributed to my bad race experience. This made me really question should I be doing a marathon in December given that we are still working to stabilize my thyroid and with allergy season going through October. My next marathon I want to run well at not just jump in cause I sort of did the training. No I want a training cycle that reflects where I truly am fitness wise. So I had to shut the door on my Kiawah Island Marathon goal. In doing so a new goal marathon emerged and I am super excited about it. I will be running the Charleston Marathon which is one month later. This will give us more time to tweak my hormone levels and get me past allergy season so that I start training in November for my January marathon.

I am excited about this change in direction. I feel like had I not had such a terrible race day than I would never taken a deeper look at my plans.

God shuts doors and opens doors as He wills- nothing is ours- it is all in God's hand

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