Monday, May 12, 2014

Week in Review - 2 weeks till Bayshore Marathon

2014 - TCTC Bayshore Marathon and 10K registration opens Sunday, December 8 @ 9 am

Wow..2 weeks till my goal marathon that I feel like I have been working towards for a year especially after having a great fall training season that climaxed into a dismal early Winter marathon yuck at Kiawah and a DNF at Charleston Marathon.

I had worked hard in the fall on my speed and getting my thyroid issues in order. Only to have a hyper-thyroid swing right before Kiawah that stuck with me and got worse at Charleston. (I had no business being on that course in Charleston but I couldn't let go of the hope that I might feel good on race day).

After these 2 marathons gone bust, I did what I always do, I moved on! I started my next training cycle. For 90% training, I have felt great. I have had a few minor hypo and hyper swings but mostly I have felt great.

I have high hopes for Bayshore. I will not lie and say I don't. I have dreamed of times that I could run if my ducks line up. I have run 3 20 milers, 1 26.2, countless speed and tempo workouts, 14 weeks of solid mileage all behind me. I know I have done the work, prepared my body the best I can for this marathon. I have prepared by mind for the grind of the last 10K. I have controlled what I can control. The rest I leave up to the higher powers that will determine race day weather and all those things you just can not foresee or control. I will go in with a flexible mind and be ready to adapt to whatever happens.

If it is meant to be my day, I will be in the perfect place mind, body and soul to seize the opportunity.

Ignore the risk and take the fall to see if its meant to be 

Week in Review

Monday - 17 Miles @ 7:37 - 12 miles @7:05 pace
Tuesday - 7 Miles Recovery
Wednesday - 9 Miles Recovery @9:08
Thursday - 10 miles with 3 X 2 miles @ 6:28-6:31 with 2 minutes recovery jog - Treadmill
Friday - 12 @8:48
Saturday OFF
Sunday - 9 Miles

Total - 64 miles

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  1. Hey--thanks for stopping over at my blog! GOOD LUCK at Bayshore! I've heard it's a tough course, and it sounds like you are more than prepared. I can't wait to hear about it!