Monday, May 19, 2014

Week in Review: Less than a week...

Zen stone - Reposez-vous!

With one week to go to Bayshore. I am trying to rest and get excited. These last couple of weeks with life have been busy and leaving me very little mental and emotional energy to focus on this goal. So my goal for this week it is stay centered and relaxed and get focused on accomplishing my goal.

Last week was a pretty good week running-wise. I tapered and tapering much more smartly :-)

Monday 6.5 Easy
Tuesday 14 with 8 @ 7;03
Wednesday 6 Easy
Thursday 7.25 Easy
Friday Off
Saturday 10 with 8 (maybe 9 - lost count) x 1 minute Fartlek @ 6:15-6:25 with 4-5 minutes easy running @ 8:00-8:16 pace
Sunday Off

I wasn't planning on taking Sunday off but I was wiped out in many ways from a busy week last week. So I rested.

Looking forward to a week where I place priority on relaxing a bit and not letting life get to me so much.

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