Sunday, June 8, 2014

Week in Review: Shaking off the Funk

I used to believe this too.  I don't anymore.  Some people are just vindictive and deceitful...and if you let them into your life they will rip it apart if they get half a chance.

Not sure why but I have been feeling sort of funky. Loving my runs they have been such a great stress reliever for life right now but generally I haven't felt like over top jazzed about anything which so not like me. I usually super stoked about life and just anything...

I think it is lack of a groove of training and getting excited about the next big workout or run. I am in a place of maintenance where I am not trying to push myself body over the edge with big runs or big miles in prep for my next marathon in 2 weeks. Additionally I always get the taper blues, missing the big miles and workouts and the generally happy groove of training.

Plus I know after Grandmas I need to go into recovery which is so not my favorite part of training but necessary if I want to have a strong fall training season. I have a few projects I will be working on after the marathon so I am hoping the mental engagement will help me not get the post marathon blues and I can just enjoy the recovery.

Here is my week

Monday 10.25 easy
Tuesday 3 w/u, 2 X 5K miles with 3 minutes jog rest - Rep# 1 6:42, Rep#1 6:35 1.5 C/D + Pilates Class
Wednesday 7 recovery
Thursday 9.5 easy
Friday 11 miles - Fartlek - 2 minutes ON @ 6:22 4 minutes OFF @ 7:24 x 6
Saturday Rest Day
Sunday 12.6 easy

Total miles - 61

Feeling good overall and energy level has been high. I think that I maybe a tad hyper (thyroid) right now and I am fingers crossed settles down in 2 weeks. Although I have been feeling good running fast so I pray that continues.

If you're ever feeling down, remembering this will make you feel a little bit better :)

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  1. I was in a similiar funk without a real reason or even a focus on what it was. Kept on running, kept on doing what I do....but wasn't digging it. I think I've shaken mine off too!