Thursday, November 6, 2014

And she writes again....

Take that road less traveled Go somewhere without a map Learn a new skill Take a floral arranging class Try a new sport or exercise Cook something you've never cooked before Take a cooking class Sneak a bottle of champagne into the movies What will you do this weekend?

You know one of the hardest things about having a thyroid disorder and being a coach is knowing the training works but not being able to run to my potential in race. I do not like explaining myself to people that I have a thyroid disorder. Most people have no idea what that means anyways. I do not want to have a reason not to run well. I do not like explain myself away on day I had when I race and it wasn't there or I felt bad thyroid wise. 

I love finishing no matter what knowing that whatever that time it says on the clock - I fought hard physically and mentally for it and being happy with whatever that days brings. It is always discerning to me when someone wants to know I didn't run faster or to their eye I didn't ran a great race.

Having the hormonal fluctuation that makes counting on being able to run to my potential is the most difficult part of my journey. I know without a shadow of a doubt how fit I am - I have had glimpses of the amaziness during my training cycles. 

I have played around with every variable when it comes to marathons and tapers such how much time I need to recover from a work out, how much of a taper I need into to recovery both glycogen stores and T3 levels. When to do acupuncture and when to take iodine and when not to get acupuncture and when not to take iodine. 

Trying to figure out if my T3 levels dip to much in the later miles or the mild asthma is at plan when I have a hard time closing well in a marathon. These are just variables I am working on...

I hope this rings true for you as well, friends.

I am constantly experimenting with how my body (thyroid) will react to training, mileage, intensity and nutrition and treatment (thyroid). 

I am constantly keeping my eye on where I want to be! What is my goal? Remember, Jamie, your goal not your obstacle.

Would I love to be able to run 3-3;10 hours like my training paces suggest I can run!! Hell Yeah! I am happy that I can run at all! Hell Yeah! I am happy that I am putting myself out there many times over to try! Hell Yeah! I am happy with every opportunity I have to run! Hell Yeah!

While my progression may not look likes yours or anyone else does - that is okay! I am making progress because I learn new things about myself and my body every time I try! 

The most important part of all this is keeping my dreams and hopes alive. Nurturing them with belief and hope!

Mostly I dream of the day when all my hard work, commitment, passion, perseverance, and determination come together in divine timing and I run so fast and so free! I imagine what it will feel like to run without thyroid yuck and very feel strong and knowing that it is my day!! 

I know that is possible so I will keep dreaming of that day.

Keep Dreaming of your possibilities,


The woman  who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crows. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before -- Albert  Einstein

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