Monday, September 29, 2014

Week in Review: 2 weeks to #Chimarathon

Chicago- Lakeshore Drive.  The view I hope to have, once I accomplish a bucket list item of living in Lincoln Park!

So I am very excited to say the least about going to Chicago and having the opportunity to run the marathon. So awesome!! I am happily tapering too! No taper madness or crazies with the reduction of miles.

I think my body was screaming for the taper last week as I developed a few aches and pains that I normally never have to deal with - one ITband and a very tight quad. I was able to run through it while having it worked on but it was touch and go. I admit to being slightly concerned. I had one ART treatment on it and a very deep tissue massage on both that left them quite sore for 3 days. By Sunday, I was feeling okay we are on top of this and everything is going to okay.

It was completely my bad I had done way too many miles on the roads and sidewalks. I needed to be getting a lot more of miles on soft surfaces. So that is my goal this week to run on all soft surfaces so my muscles can bounce back and be ready to take the pounding 26.2 miles.

Week in Review:

Monday 10.25 miles easy
Tuesday 16 miles with 2 x 6 miles (7:15 first step & 7:10 second set)
Wednesday Yoga class
Thursday 10.5 miles easy
Friday 16.25 miles moderate effort & Pilates Class
Saturday OFF
Sunday 13.75 miles

Mileage - 66ish miles on the week

Very happy with the taper mileage! Enough to keep the aerobic system up and enough to allow for some recovery on my legs. Very thankful for where I am right now!


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  1. Great week of running! Glad you started feeling better!