Thursday, May 5, 2016

Finding Joy

I am having a really good week! I can feel my body and energy returning to my body.

More than just my the energy  returning it feels more like life, happiness and joy are returning which is the surest sign I am healing. I can feel the happy buzz and light filling the places that were dark just weeks ago.

Lend a {Healthy} Hand #91: Kindness is Free – Healthy Helper:

It has been a slow steady thing over the past few weeks since Boston.

What's crazy is I am happy and feel the joy even though I am not yet where I hope to be. I have yet to lose the weight gained from my time spent on thyroid meds. I no longer care how long it will take me to lose the weight.

What is more important than the losing the weight is finding that sparkle of love, joy and happiness in me every day when I wake in the past week.

I feel connected to myself again! This is the most important thing ever to me. To access to myself again.

When the dark days were surrounding me the most discerning thing was the not the weight gain, the bloating, the sadness, or the anger but not being able to connect to that happy buzz of warm energy that is me and that is god.

I know I will be okay and I will heal fully if can feel that part of me.

No matter how tired I may feel in my recovery and healing I know I will be okay when that warmth is surrounding me.

"Daughter, … Go in peace and be freed from your suffering." Jesus (Mark 5:34) // Ready to live in freedom, and embrace God's healing touch? CLICK for encouragement from Pat Layton in today’s devotion.:

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