Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flattered & Excited

I am really excited about some new developments in my running life. I recently received an email from a local runner that I have seen at races and who has always been in the top 5 runners at big races in Charlotte. She is a mom and FAST!!! We have met informally but never really chatted and I wasn't even aware that she knew of me beyond our informal & quick meeting at an age group award ceremony. I am in the 35-39 category and she is in the 30-34 category. We had both taken 1st in AG but considering her age group is way more competitive and was probably like 4th or 5th overall female and I was probably like 15th. You get were I am coming from with this..I think she is a 19 minute 5Ker or in that realm or better.

Anyway I am excited because she sent me a message asking me to do long runs with her as she is training for her first marathon. And I was just telling Nick how I really wanted to be & needed to be challenged to run at the higher level that coach Jeff seems to think I am at and I have not had the mindset to go that level. I knew it was going to take a really fast training partner to help get me to that next level and sure enough of enough I get this message.

I have to admit I quite imidimated to be considered as a running partner. I spoke with Jeff to see if he thinks this will be a good fit for me considering that she is running her long run 30 seconds faster than I had been and she is at least 1-2 minutes 5K faster than me. He basically said that I am fitter than last year & I need to run with her because I am that fast and hanging on with her will prove it to myself that I am that fast. He thinks it is what I need mentally to get to the next level.

After this exchange with Jeff, I was thinking about how what you believe to be true becomes true. I think Jeff has known for a long time that I can run a pretty decent and awesome race but I have not allowed myself to believe I am that "fast". He has hinted at me faster several times in different ways but I really think he is waiting for me to figure it out on my own in my own time, Not sure why I can perform works out at this level but do not in a race setting but I am going to be pondering and trying to figure it out. Shit I did a 200 workout at the level of some of his 18 minute 5Kers. And last week I easily ran a workout with 5K volume @ 6;40 pace. All my workouts & high mileage point to faster race times, I just have to find a way to believe!!

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