Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week in Review

First week back to training was highlighted with some success and just plain fricking happiness to be back at it.

Funny how over the past week, I noticed that I have been struggling to breath even during easy runs and even walking around the house. Hah - My lovely season allergies that I get during the seasonal transitions have made their appearance. I think I was struggling with them last week but wasn't in tune to it and was just shrugging it off as sluggish due coming back from vacation but after several days of it, I now know they are here for me to fight through over the next 4-6 weeks until our first frost.

What tends to happen during time of the year, is I feel overly sluggish, headachy and breathing is a struggle. During running, the first 1-4 miles, I will feel like I have the flu - calmy, feverish, overly hot and faintish. The good news on that is I know it will pass so I just need to hang on for a couple miles. The bugger is the breathing. If the allergens or air quality are bad than breathing becomes difficult and holding pace for a hard effort becomes close to impossible as sometimes easy pace is a struggle.

Good news is I made it through last year and I will make through this fall and pray for an early frost.

I know with unwavering faith even though I may struggle this month, I am still making progress and October will be an amazing & where I get to see all my hard work come to fruition.

Until then I will work at what I love and be extremely happy with each run.

Monday 6 easy
Tuesday 7 easy with 4 X 15/20 Hill Sprints
Wednesday 2 W/U, Workout 8 miles, 2 C/D
Thursday 8 easy
Friday 10 easy
Saturday 1 w/U, 8 MP, 1 C/D
Sunday 16 with last 3 @ MP

Total - 69 miles

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