Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Schlump

Umschlumping yourself is not easily done!

Yesterday I attempted to unschlump myself and get back to killing work outs. I had a big workout scheduled and was excited to get after it.

Although the Southeast weather pattern keep the humidity high like 100% at 7AM. I started out around 8AM trying not let the humidity play in my head. Did my warm-up and started into my workout. I was suppose to lay down 2 miles @ MP - 7:35. I was doing it fine but the effort seemed harder than MP pace felt 2 months ago and I transitioned into 6:45 pace for a mile. WOW - by the end of that 6:45 I felt my chest seizing up and heat making me a dizzy. Frick!!! I managed the workout but had to take 3 minute Rest between each segment. Yes not how the workout was written but in heat & humidity -sometimes salvaging what you can out of a workout is better than folding and going home with no work done.

Here is how it worked out -

2 mile @ 7:35 & 1 @ 6:45 REST
2 miles @ 7:35 & 800 @ 3:20 REST
2 miles @ 7:35 & 400 @ 1:35

Workout was written like this
2 mile @ 7:35 & 1 @ 6:45 2 miles @ 7:35 & 800 @ 3:20 2 miles @ 7:35 & 400 @ 1:35 - No REST

One lesson I have learned over the past year is one workout does not make you - it the whole of the training over weeks & months. You make the best of the what you have on anyday, you work hard day and day out, you do the little things, you stay happy and in love with the process and that is where the joy happens. Yes there is awesome joy to be had when you kill a workout but not all workouts are going happen like that.

I am thankful to be running healthy! My body and mind feel great, recharged and strong and ready to tackle the next 16-18 weeks of training. I am very excited to go into this next training block. I got my schedule for the next 5 weeks. The paces are aggressive and the miles are high. Exciting stuff! I love the work I get to do!

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