Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Final 2013 Thoughts

Quote of the day!!

I use to use this blog as a daily diary of sort for myself which provided me an outlet to my thoughts and to keep myself focused on the right things. I look back pre-Hashis diagnose I wrote in here at least 3-5 times a week with those intentions. It helped to align my thoughts and with my actions. Keep me moving towards my goals. Well if I look back at the last year of writing it has been sparse and lacks the excitement and passion that I once had. I think I let myself be more consumed with healing of Hashi's than my passion for running and the journey get a bit lost. I got more focused on the obstacle and less focused on the dream/goal. I let my shadow win at times. 

Henry Ford quote

I am recommitting myself to using this blog as I once did. I will funnel my love for running and life in this blog to refine my focus on a daily basis. Focus on all that is good, happy and sunny.

Albert Einstein / Happy Dappy Bits

Find parts of my journey that are exciting me. Focusing on those pieces and highlighting them. No longer letting my past 2 year struggle continue to a weigh in my movement forward. No longer letting the past yuckies get in my way of having amazing runs. Leaving my past struggles in the past. Focusing on all the good that is come both in running, life and my health. 


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