Sunday, December 29, 2013

Week in Review

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I thought I'd a blog post today. It is has been almost 2 weeks since Kiawah and with the holidays, life has been busy. I was able to get in a good bit of running this week. Just enough to keep fit but not enough to tire me out too much and still allow for recovery from the marathon.

Week in Review

Monday OFF
Tuesday 6 miles @ 8:40 pace
Wednesday Christmas OFF
Thursday 3 mile W/U, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 @ 6:05-6:33 pace with 2 minutes rest, 2 mile C/D (Mini- workout to get legs moving again) Felt tough but good. Glad to hit target which was 6:25-6:35. The first few I got a pick quick and it definitely made the last intervals tougher.
Friday 7 easy @ 8:59 average - First 3 miles were super slow like 9:20s and than I felt great after mile 3 and picked it up a bit in the 8:20-8:40s
Saturday 14 easy @ 8:35 - Legs felt good but I felt a bit tired.
Sunday - OFF (long walk and yoga)

I am happy with the week given the holidays and travel out of town. I definitely needed Sunday off. Glad to have a lazy Sunday, cleaning, taking a walk, and hanging with family.

I would liked to have run more like 38-40 miles but with Monday being in Michigan and with family - I opted for more rest. Rest is best when returning to running. One extra day off this week can only help me at this point.

Week Total - 34 miles

That is all! I am feeling good. I have felt a bit on the hyper side of thyroid things this past week but with no real hard training I think it will even itself out before my next race. I believe that is why I haven't felt super duper in my runs. Also I am bit worn from the holidays and looking forward to returning to an easy training route after the Holidays.

I am taking some time today to think about my 2013 and set some goals for Goals 2014. Keeping my eye the journey and enjoying what is right now.

Yeaaaaaa goals are good and all but a life of happiness is better. Trying to determine my 2014 goals but instilling the fact that next year ...

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