Saturday, February 8, 2014

Beautiful Life

Struggles are required...

So I promised myself that I would write more often to inspire myself and get my thoughts out. Remind myself of my goals everyday and keep focused on enjoying my journey. 

I have had a great week of running. I have been pretty proud of myself to manage the miles with working and mommyhood. Although by Friday I was worn and woke up this Saturday morning so tired that I didn't get up and run the 16 miler as planned. I crawled back in bed as I decided to get more sleep and put off my run till afternoon which I do immediately after writing this blog post :-)

As I reflect back on my week, I most excited about my quick recovery from the flu. I was able to get in 2 very high quality runs this week. With the 13 miler with ended up being much quicker than I planned as I thought I might be still recovering but by midway through I knew I felt great so I let the wheels go! And than on Thursday, I had no idea on I would feel after still on just a week from flu and the big run on Tuesday. I wanted to be restraint in my run but as I settled in the reps at 6:44 pace, I feel super comfortable at that pace so I let it go a little faster on each rep. Funny thing is I made a deal with myself that I would only run 3 reps of 10 minutes if I didn't feel great. I ended up feeling better and better with each rep so I let myself run the full 1.5 mile which turned up to be 10:30-11:00 minutes in length. 

I am super excited about having 2 consistent high quality and fast runs. I have not run this fast and felt this great in a long time. I can remember some of the workouts before the Hashimotos where I was flying. The one that sticks out in my head always was a 6 X 1 mile session where I ran progressively faster mile repeats with the last one at 6:09. This was almost  1 1/2 years ago and at that time I was sure to be on a PR racing roll. Little did I know my life would take a detour for a while. I am so happy to think I am back and I AM HEALTHY and that I AM HEALED in Mind, Body and Soul. 

I remind myself day in and day out that I am healthy and that I am fast. That all the work that I have put in the last 2 years no matter how fast I was running all are going to come through one day. I think these past runs just reflect what has been there all the along but being masked by the Hashimotos. 

For what it is worth, I have become more in love with my journey and have peace that I am heading in the direction of what was promised. I have been more free in my attitude about my running and my goals. I stress less and I trust more! 

Life is Beautiful! Live it!


  1. Love this! I've been absent quite a bit from my blog and miss it. It's a great time/place to do what you said....remind of our goals, reflect, etc. Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. wow. Jamie. I was not excpecting to read this and be crying. as I read this it was like I was talking to myself 6mos from now. This struggle with hashimotos is a real pain and discourager.
    It's funny but I think back to when I was running fast too. one of MY favorite workouts about 18mos ago was ALSO 6 x 1mi where I ran progressively faster and my last mile was 6:04. we are SO similar. so many times I was on my way to great things and then I would get de-railed by a stress fracture. so heartbreaking.
    This post, i'm going ot read again ....and maybe again. It's like hearing my own voice in my head encouraging me to push through all this and hopefully be where YOU are in a few months. THANK YOU. seriously, I think God had you write this just for ME. xxxx