Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Handling the Curve

Definitely something I need to keep in mind at this time and all times.

This past week didn't go as I had envisioned it when I planned my return from vacation. I had this idea that I was going to get out of the gate hard and start training hard again. Start putting in the miles that I was logging in the fall, get rolling in my new coaching position, and ah it was all going to beautiful. Than it wasn't! Start of the week 2 solid runs in, digging outfrom piles of laundry, getting the house back in order, get the kids back to school - this smooth reentry into life and training was derailed when my head started achy somewhat awful on Tuesday evening. Not only did I wake up with the flu on Wednesday but we woke up to snow in the south. No school!

Blah but my kids were suppose to go back to school and I was suppose to be running awesome miles. NOPE!! Enter the curve ball.

Snows days, Fever and body aches for 2 days! Yay!! Party time - right?? Honestly though it wasn't that bad. My kids took pity on their sad and disheveled mommy and treated me very kindly as I laid in my bed for 2 days straight. I finally started feeling well enough to enter some sort of land of the living on Saturday and by Sunday - I ran!!! I ran & it was glorious - well not all that glorious but I was running. ah!!

You know what - I am proud of myself for not getting mad and pissy about this past week. I handled it well. I stayed positive and happy even as I lay in bed with the unpacked bags and clothes from vacation all over my floor as my kids trashed the rest of my floors throughout the house.

For my attitude, I think I was rewarded with a quick recovery and back to running just 4 days from being sick and 6 days running hard again. Today I was able to crank out a 13 miler. I went into the run thinking I don't know how long I can run or how fast by I played it super cautious. Started around 8:57 and than into the 8:40s for 3 miles when that felt good, I just kept moving the pace faster and faster end decided to tack on a 15 minute Tempo to end of the run. Pretty pleased to cover 13 miles in 1:46 minutes with the 15 minute portion 6:35-6:58 pace.

My patience with the illness was rewarded!! Yay! Now I plan to get on with training....

Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.

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