Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Decided to take the long way...

The long road

Wow so I feel like I have been just training and enjoying my journey over these past weeks/months. Just putting in the work, not thinking too much about it and the miles and workouts have really been adding up and I am feeling mega strong.

Most recently I made the goal to not have a goal. Well I have a long term vision of where I liked to go and all that I would like to do but I decide to no longer have short term goals. Not get my panties in a bunch over a short term goal of PRing at anyone race. Just keep working day in and day out on my long term goal. This has been so freeing in a way that nothing bothers me like it use too. So what if I have a bad training day, so what if I do not PR at some race, because in the end they are building blocks to where my heart is telling me to go.

At the end of the day, I know where I am going and I have faith that God is taking me there even if it is the long way. The long way is definitely more scenic. The long way proves more challenges but it also provides sweeter and deeper experiences and connections with others.

I am savoring my long road to my dreams!

The long road

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