Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Moments, Lots of Miles and Smiles

Pinspiration: "Enjoy every moment" #quotes #wisdom

I really am in love with my journey right now. I am just running with so much happiness. Only 5 weeks to Boston and I sort will feel sad to close the door on this amazing training cycle. I have run 90% of my runs alone and I have enjoyed the solitude. I have just been quietly racking up the miles and doing the workouts and enjoying the progress I have seen in the past 4-6 weeks. In the 8 weeks leading up to Boston before I taper, I will average 72-73 miles a week with the high one week at 84/85 miles.

My body feels so great in so many ways. I am feeling more and more confident with each run and workout. My workouts are fabulous and when I go to workout - the only thing that goes through my mind is how much I love running fast. I savor every mile and every rep and every moment when I am running fast. I feel free and it is just flowing.

Today I ran a very fast workout - 7 X 1 mile @ 6:15-6:20 average with 60 sec rest and I never felt tired! Only that last minute of each rep did I even feel like I was working hard.

I love going into a workout with no expectations. Going in having a general framework of paces and distances/workout formation and than seeing what the body wants to do. No pressure just allow it to flow. I was super surprised today when I thought the workout might only be 6 X 1 mile and to feel so peppy and able to extend to 7 X 1 mile. And even than I felt like I could do a few more reps. Not tired at all.

Just enjoying all smiles, miles and moments :-)
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  1. "Sad to be closing the door on this training cycle"... I have felt that way SO many times! More proof that it's more about the journey than the destination. It looks like you're going to ROCK Boston. :)