Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Small Steps

40 Inspirational Quotes: "Small steps every day."

Okay I keep promising myself I will get back to writing daily as it really helped me stay focused on my goals and work through things that have been going on in my head and training.

So today even if it is a little post I am honoring a promise I made to myself to continue to document my journey and get back using my blog as a sounding board.

For the past 9 weeks, I have been diligently logging my miles mixed in with some super solid work outs. My mileage is not as high as I hoped but given the Topsy turvey February with sick kids, snow/weather days and a Itband/Knee that cropped after a hilly run. I will take it and celebrate it!! 9 weeks running consistently with no break and just building mileage and workouts on top of each other.

I am pleased that I have manage to run consistently over the last 9 weeks averaging 65 miles per week. If I had my way that number would have been more in the 70s but I think the universe has a way of saying I know better so I am going to trust that where I am at right now is good.

Generally, I have felt really healthy thyroid wise. In the last week or so, I have had a hyper surge so my last 2 workouts why they were super efforts were a bit slower but mostly it is not affecting me other my body temp running high. When some feels my forehead or face they say I feel like I have a fever and I have been very warm in general.

In January after some blood work I had done, I found out my blood glucose levels were super low which is called reactive hypoglycemia. It is really is my own fault for not taking in enough carbohydrates to support my training. This is something I have been diligently working these past few weeks. I hoping the my increase efforts to get in more carbs will not only help me train better but eventually race better. Racing on low blood glucose levels really sucks!

I know that one day my patience and persistence it will pay off and it will all be worth it.

I was listening to an Interview with Pitbull and he said something that has stuck with every since I heard it. It is a Cuba saying.

Small Steps. Long Vision

I have remember that every day!

Here was my small steps from last week.

Monday 7.5 easy
Tuesday 10 total - 3 x 1 mile @6;55, 4x400 @ 6:27, @ 4 x 1 minute @ 6;00 flat
Wednesday 8.5 easy
Thursday OFF - Kids home Snow Day
Friday 16 miles - 2 x 6 miles @ 7:16 & 7:14
Saturday 7.5 miles AM 3 miles PM
Sunday 10.5 miles

Total - 63

progress is progress no matter how small  mm thank you, sometimes I feel like I'm getting nowhere, but in reality, it's just small baby steps taking me to where I really want to go

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