Thursday, July 25, 2013

Being Real

Be real quote via Alice in Wonderland's Teatry at

Sometimes you have to be real. I have been fighting a bit of the blues these past few days. No real reason for them but a sort of low level not so awesomeness feeling that I can't quite shake. I think what prompted was a lots of hair loss :-( from my body adjusting to the hormones. I have been noticing it fall out everywhere and I am afraid to brush my hair. I have read that it is a normal side-effect that as my body adjusts it will stop breaking and falling out so I keep reminding myself of that so I do not dwell on it. But as I forgot about it, I get remind by that long strands that lay on my arms/body as the hairs fall out.

I keep trying to focus on how strong I feel lately. I am feeling great on runs in general, sleeping great at night, my weight seems to be good (no more exploded weight gains), I feel overall more energetic and relaxed. So I know progress has to be happening even at a cellular level.

Even if the hair continues to fall out, I will be okay. It will grow back! I keep reminding myself of that. I am not my hair or my body. Trying to hold back tears, I will okay.

Everything is going to be okay

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