Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh Teddy you were so wise! Must Dare Greatly...

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt

So I called my bestie and literally talked in circles to her today! It is so nice to have a friend in life that will listen to you reason your way through your stuff. We all have stuff and we all need to work through it but to have a friend to really listen to it and not hurry the process of you processing the stuff out loud! Ah that is a gift to really celebrate. 

I think I have a little of the post marathon blues going on. Going from the sweet high and than nothing and trying to grasp back to that high. Trying to relax into the moment and enjoy the recovery time. Yet not really having an idea of what is next. No clear picture is forming in my head and that makes me feel unsettled. 

I went yoga and relaxed my striving and determined mind. I feel more relaxed than in a couple of days. You know I really think if i look back on how I felt post marathons in the past 2 years this is a recurrent theme. Always having a tough time with the transition from marathon training & completion of the marathon to the what is next part? 

I am eager for the What is next part? I am eager to start running again and moving towards my next goal. I keep reminding myself that this rest is just as important as my next goal. That if I can truly give myself over to rest & recovery. I will be in a better position come the Fall. 

I decided that I will DARE GREATLY! I will continue believe that my dream in possible and I will Dare Greatly in the pursuit of it. 

For now I will continue my easy and short runs...

Theodore Roosevelt

quote- Theodore Roosevelt, via Flickr.

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