Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day by Day

day by day

Sometimes you just have to take life day by day and be grateful for what your body gives you in any given moment. That is the thought that went through my head over and over again this AM during my speed workout.

I felt decent in my warm-up, not amazing but what do you expect at 6AM in the dark of the morning. Something a friend said recently about running scared. Yeah that was me at the track with no lights but eerily red EXIT signs until the sun rised, I was pretty much running freaked out. As I prepared for my work-out, I did a few strides and I easily nailed some fast ones so I thought okay today is going to be a great day if I can run strides uner sub-5 minute pace out the gate. 

Than BAMB in my first rep I struggled something fierce to hit 5:43 which 3 weeks ago was totally achievable. Than each one after that got slower like 5:50-6:00 which would be 20-30 seconds slower than when I did this workout a few weeks ago. Instead of getting frustrated, I stayed calm and thought okay lets just take what the body can give today for whatever reason it (thyroid or allergies) was not allowing me to run as fast as I know I can. Just take it rep by rep and work hard and by effort and that is all that matters. I ran hard and every single second I fought for. I stayed as relax as possible which each rep and remind myself that I am still making gains and that effort is what matters. I always go into these workouts prepared to fight and I did. At no time, did I let myself get upset or frustrated. Here is a post from Joel Osteen, I read before I left for my run and it came in handy - When you make up your mind that no matter what life deals your way you're going to stay calm and in peace, all the forces of darkness cannot keep you from your destiny.

You see what I know to be true is what I am working towards is there and each day I handle with grace and appreciation is bringing me closer towards my goals. Each experience is necessary and apart of the process. If it were all easy and no roadblocks, would be forced to grow into more? Resistance is needed. I know there is a lesson in every experience. And this experience was to be happy and grateful in any circumstance and not to let a single run steal any of my joy but add to my joy. For I know for me the physical is the easy part of my journey, it is the mental and emotional part of myself that must be strengthened. Even experience gives me an opportunity to develop that strength.

Something that I thought about as I ran my cool-down was just taking things day by day, giving myself fully to task at hand, appreciating everything about it and walking away satisfied that I did good work. There are days I am going have to fight harder both mentally and physically but staying hopeful and confident that progress is being made. Taking the time to thank god for this amazing journey that I have been gifted with.


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  1. Love the quote you shared! As a super control freak, that's something I totally need to keep in mind!