Thursday, September 5, 2013

It is not my WHY NOT, It is my WHY!!!


This Hashimoto's fight is no longer mine alone. It is for all those women (and men) that are fight for health, happiness and well-being. I have heard from so many others as I have been vocal about my fight with Thyroid. I realized by being quiet and keeping the fighting to myself, I was not serving the way I am suppose to. You see other people stories have healed me and brought out the fire in me. I need to let others see me in my darkest hours so they can see me rise which in turn (my hope) it gives them the courage to fight their fight. We all have different paths and journey's but our stories can heal each other and provide hope. If I can provide hope or inspiration to others to fight through their struggle than I am living my life well.

For me it is no longer why me but rather I get it is why me now. I need to fight hard to show others the way and that it can be done. Remembering that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!! That you do not have to accept tired, overweight and sad as your standard of life. That you can make it through to the other side. I am ready to forge that path even if it hurts a lot emotionally and physically. I am strong enough for this fight. I believe in myself to never to give up and believe that no matter what comes that God is with me. He wouldn't have put the dream in my heart if he didn't give me the tools to get there. I believe that with my whole soul that I am suppose to be forging this path. I read good advice once that if you had a chose of two paths, pick the most difficult one as it provides the most rewards.

Honestly there aren't many others that have gone this way to say HEY FOLLOW ME and you will get there so I have to be brave enough to follow my heart and intuition as it can not lead me astray even when I hit the bumps and the sucker punches. I have to get up believing that I will find a way.

That is all. Dear Lord, Thank you for helping find a way today. Amen. and Peace and Love.

All things are possible

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