Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Catching ya up!

Endless possibilities

Well I promised to write more regularly but than I got a job. HA! It literally came out of nowhere. It is just one of the easy things that happen that you can not explain and still wonder how it worked out so perfectly. I am working for and with my old coach Jeff who owns RunnersConnect which is an on-line coaching company. He has expanded and his business is growing. I took a position as a Community Coach supporting his on-line community coaching for those runners choosing the Custom Training Plans

I literally started this position overnight. One day I have no idea that I will be working and the next day we are starting the ball rolling. I work from home 20-30 hours a week and get to be very flexible on when I log on daily. So I get to run, work, and be home with my kids when they come from school. DREAM JOB!!

It is very exciting! I feel so blessed to doing work that I love for someone that love. Jeff coached me for 2 years and did such a great job. He is one of those people in your life that do so much for you that you feel like you could never repay their kindness and effort. I feel like I get that chance working for him and taking care of his business and representing him with the best of my abilities.

So this is what I have been up to for the last 2 weeks. I have been getting in my runs. I eased off mileage for a couple days because my shin was bugging (damn new shoes). But I hoped back in and and feeling better good overall. I had a very awesome 2X3 miler last week and than happy 6 X 3 minutes this week so I say my speed is there.

I am running Charleston marathon this weekend. With all the attention being paid to my new lovely job and I spend less time thinking about my own running. I am very excited by all my possibilities beyond this marathon. I am excited about the training I will be implementing and places I will get to travel too and weaving in the opportunity that I have with RunnersConnect.

All the possibilities....



  1. Congrats on your new job and good luck next weekend!

  2. that sounds like GREAT job!!! how was the marathon????