Friday, January 3, 2014

Love Yourself

Can you write yourself a letter -a love note? With your hopes for the year and years to come? Can you own your awesome and love yourself a bit more in 2014 than you allowed ever before. You are awesome!

Love thy self

Here is something I wrote for myself -

Dear Brave Girl,
You are on the cusp of something amazing. You have let yourself be seen and you are free to be you, to follow where your heart leads, your truth. All of those dreams you have in your head will become realities. I'm glad you didn't listen to those negative voices, both yours and from others. You keep running, you know that's when your soul thrives. Keep sharing your experiences with others, it helps them more than you believe. You have traveled, made dear friends, overcome hurts and have had amazing experiences. Keep that faith my friend, your possibilities are out there waiting to become realities.
I love you!!

True healing begins with Love and Acceptance of yourself.

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