Tuesday, January 7, 2014

True Dhat

great things take time.

This quote is so unbelievable true!!! I can not even handle how much so it is. If you think of anything truly amazing in your life (my life) no one part of it came from an overnight thought/action. All of my life in all of its beauty has been created and born out of struggle and chaos. We all have a story, a history and pain that we either turned into something more beautiful or it sits inside us chipping away at our ability to love and embrace beauty. 

My Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful family was born out of struggle to conceive, through marital ups and downs, and my own fighting of depression and Hashimotos. I let those struggles turn into beautiful, joyous happiness that I see reflected back to me in my childrens face and the embraces I share with my husband.

My Home in all its warmth was born out a deep desire to have a home filled with love and warmth with a mom hugging and deeply loving her children. The vision and hope was born out of a child's heart (mine) as I was not bought up  with a mother in the mom for hugs, kisses and encouragement. When I step back and look at the beauty and warmth in my home, I know where this was created.

In my friendships, I have deep loving, nuturing, understanding, compassionate and open friendships that I work at and that a sanctuary of happiness for me. These friendship have shared love, happiness, joy, anger, sadness, grief, and TRUTH with me. This is connection and This is friendship.

I have Passion that I purse with all my heart. It is not something I woke one day deciding was me. It has always been me waiting for me to purse it with my love and faith. I nurture it and love it dearly. Just like a marriage or a friendship it ebs and flows. It is sometimes very good to me and sometimes I am at odds with the very thing I LOVE. I always find my back to it and it whispers to me when I think I have had enough. It is a beautiful thing this passion of mine. Where ever it is taking me, I know it is beautiful.....

We lose ourselves in the things we love . . . we find ourselves there, too.

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