Friday, March 30, 2012

Faith getting me through it

I am big fan of faith right! The old saying of "If God brought you to, he will bring you through it" is strong in my head as I make my comeback.

I am very thankful to be running and training again. My mileage is getting up there and my body is handling the miles well. I am feeling stronger and stronger in my easy runs meaning the asthma & allergies aren't affecting me like they were in the past two weeks. Progress! Although today in my 6 miles alternating tempo, I felt the wheezing in my chest for a good portion of the miles which is sort of a defeating feeling as the paces were conservative.

I know and trust that God is giving me this speed bump for a reason and need to trust it and not let it get to me. Easier said than done. Who am I to question God and why I have this seasonal asthma & allergies? I just have to know that it has a purpose, let God do his work in my heart and let his will be done in my life. I am hoping that by writing about my feelings it comes out and I can take a deep breathe and let go. Know that God is working in my favor.

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