Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Radio Silence

Wow..I can't believe the week is well on its way to an end and didn't write.

Honestly coming back from injury is an up and down struggle to keep your wits in tact. I am more tired than I was during higher mileage weeks. I think it just takes so much more effort to stay positive and focused on rehab & return to full running health. I am always taking about doing the work to get to your goal and rehabbing a injury is no different. My weekly schedule is bulging with rehab & prehab that it leaves just enough room to fit in some runs.

Mondays & Wednesday - PT & AG Running & Hips & Core & Strength Work

Tuesdays - Run & Extensive Post Run Stretch & Tissue Realignment Session (Massage)

Thursdays - Run & Drills & Form Work & Extensive Post Run Stretch

Fridays - Run & More Stretching & Hips & Core

Saturday - Run & Yoga

Sunday - Run & Stretch

I have been doing so much more ancillary work that in portion to time running the ancillary work outweighs the time I spend running. My hope is to get all the weak links worked out so that my form & strength are not issues when I hit the mileage hard in late spring and next fall.

Good news is that my form is on mark. Hitting midfoot with the perfect body lean as well arm swing. My arm swing was a bit off when I started working on form. My left arm was flying all around town. Weird I never knew I was doing this until we had it on film.

I knew that I needed to address form eventually so this happen to be a perfect time to focus on this aspect of my running. The form flaws that you can get away with at 30-50 mpws will cause major issues when you hit the 60-80 mpw range.

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