Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Focus on What Matters

One thing I took from last week during my struggle with my calf that I needed to refocus on what matters.

I realized that as much I was writing & telling myself that I was going to create the boundaries, I was having a hard to reinstating the flow. I needed that nice safe place I had created in fall so that I can get back to the balance of training hard, loving it and having special time with my family. I think that this is one of the reasons why I was struggling to come to training. I had lost a little focus due to others demands on me and my external world outside of running & family.

I had residual guilt for not being available to other people to cheer on & guide on their running path. I needed to let go of this emotion as it was not serving me or anyone else for that matter. I need to be ok with not coaching people and creating boundaries where people no longer treat me as such. I can not fully serve others if I don't fully reach my own potential. Teaching people how I want to be treated has been a struggle and many people didn't like my boundaries and withdrew friendships. I had to be okay with this.

There are only so many hours in a day.

I cannot do it all.

But, I can do what matters and do it well.

I cannot please everyone.

But, I can love deeply, forgive, give, say thank you and I’m sorry. I can.

I cannot be perfect.

But I can try my very best to be gracious, humble and grateful everyday..

Balance means using what you have and focusing on what matters. It means making choices.

Simplify. Sacrifice. Streamline.

Focus on what matters and just let go of the rest. Will it matter when you are 80? If not, let. it. go.

One door closes so another can open. To find balance, start closing doors.

Make decisions.

You CAN find balance. But, you have to let go of ‘perfect’ first.

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