Sunday, March 11, 2012

Radio Silence

Wow. I hardly believe that I haven't written a thing in 5 days. Struggling to get my body to running health has detoured my enthusiasm for writing and sharing the ups and downs of a running injury.

After my return to running, I had on & off successful runs. One day great, next day ugh not so great and than Thursday came and I was suppose to crank out 4 miles at Tempo pace. I was very hesitate and sort of apphensive from the start and after my 2 mile warm/up, I set into tempo pace and struggled just to hit pace. Within a half mile into the tempo effort, I felt my calf tightening up and feeling way off. By the end of the first tempo mile, it was not feeling better and felt very restricted so I shut it down and run it in easy. Ah - Really struggled emotionally the rest of the day to see the light and to remember that this is was happening for a reason.

I had Friday off and it renewed my spirits when I spent some time at the gym stretching. I went into the sauna to stretch my calves as I thought the heat would really loosen up. It seem to really help but I also spent a good amount time in there relaxing and thinking. I came out feel refreshed and at peace with this process. I know that my tide will soon change and I need to be ready to go. I realized that I embarked on this jounrey I had to embrace every single day of it and let it make me stronger. Every single day on this path is a blessing and exciting to think about it even the tough days are filled with wonder. I think most people and myself included think of a jounrey as this golden path and even with a faithful heart, you will be tested and torn into a few pieces during the journey but in the end if you can search for the growth in the obstacle than I think you can hold tight to when the storm is blowing you around.

“Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

This weekend was amazing running weather and was able to get in some good miles. Calf is not 100% but is getting better and I am feeling bits of progress. Like today when I picked up the pace for my final miles of my 10 miler - the pain subsided and I felt great in the last 2 miles. I was suspect of my leg in the first 5-6 miles and luckily I had great company to help keep my mind from focusing on the leg. Than it really started to ease the longer the run which is a very good sign. Pain that subsides as you run and does not change your form is okay to run through but pain that increases and changes your gait/form is a no-no. I have to remember all the times that I had a ache or niggle that I successfully ran through and knew it would get better. In fact, I was officially injured 2 weeks before Houston but ran through it while rehabbing and guess what on race day all was well. I also had another calf & shin issue in August that I ran through. Runners really trying to push the envelope are going basically playing a risky game with every training cycle. I just to have faith that I will end up on the sunny side of all this.

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