Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good Things Ahead

Today Rocked! I totally missed that feeling of just loving a workout!! It felt great to be hitting paces again.

We had a nice return to some decent running temp so I easily banged out this workout without issue.

Today was a

3 Mile W/U with 3 mile Tempo followed by 8X2 Minutes @ 5K pace with a 2 mile C/D totaling 10 Miles

Jeff, my coach, had modified the paces on this workout given my asthma issue that these spring allergies have set off. He set everything back 10-15 seconds to allow for the required effort needed without shutting down my lungs. He magically knew what pace I could hit without causing a wheezefest.

I am happy to report all the paces were hit right on target without issue. Phewy!!! Hopefully this trend will contiune if we can keep this pleasant weather a while longer. Summer in March - No fun for Runners!

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