Sunday, October 7, 2012

A must

Okay after watching Chicago Marathon this AM, I put this on my list that I want to do in the next year or two. So exciting, so flat and so awesome!!!

Two years ago I attempted to train for Chicago only to realize by August that I was struggling to get in mileage and quality work in the heat and than a month of sickness completely derailed my training which left me with a DNS for Chicago 2010 which wasn't such a deal cause race day temps that year were very high.

Only thing I would have to figure out is how to train for Chicago if we live in Charlotte. The key training months for Chicago are June, July, August. Those months are the suckiest months to train here in Charlotte. Maybe a summer time relo to better training climate? Maybe a summer time stay in Seattle? Maybe up North to Michigan where parents could help watch the kids while I spent the summer months training my butt off for it.

Who knows where life will take you.....Be open to anything is my motto :-)

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