Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Unscheduled Rest Day

It is my down week where my miles have dipped to allow for recovery from the last 5-7 weeks of hard training. I woke up today feeling very off. Sinus & ear pressure keeping me feeling foggy and the sudafed and coffee trick that usually helps did nothing to make me feel better. Than the 100% humidity, 70+ dew point and high temp that was looming outside just made me feel like I was fighting a lossing battle by attempting to drag my achey body through conditions that would just wear me down both phyiscally and mentally. I put in the email to my coach my late-morning about how I was feeling. It was a relief to send but also tired in with some emotions of frustration and struggling mentally to keep the chin up when the weather just won't cooperate with trying to gain some momentum.

I quickly got a reply back from Jeff giving me go ahead to rest today as it most important training objective of the week - to rest and get refreshed for the weeks ahead and whatever needs to happen this week to make me feel 100% going into next week.

I need to work through this frustration with the weather though as soon as we have a couple days of runnable weather, we are shifted quickly back to the humidity and heat for a few more days. It is a see-saw of emotions and takes my very constant inner-voice to remind myself that everything happens for a reason and far, far better days are ahead and let go of this frustration and enjoy each days gifts. Find something each day, even on the hardest to hang my hat.

I feel like this voice that says it has to come through at some point, all this hard work and sacrifice has to pay off somewhere, somehow. This voice has been saying this in my head for so, so, so long. It is the voice that has pick-up me after several less than stellar summer races, it the voice that has pick-up me after many difficult summer runs, it is the voice that got through disappointment of not shining & showing off the hard work and dedication of 60-70 mpw weeks since April.

Jamie - Keep hanging on to that voice, it is your intuition. Your day is coming - Keep working and the results will shine through when they are suppose. Trust it!

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