Friday, October 12, 2012

What moves you forward..............

What do you do with a week that makes you feel like you are in quicksand? Do you let the quicksand swallow you whole or do you fight your way out?

Do you allow two workouts that go badly to get you off course? Cause it would be very easy to cry about it and wallow in it. My mind is fighting a huge battle for control of which way I will go - either cry, kick and scream or take a deep breathe, pray, have faith and move on knowing that far, far better days are ahead, keep on enduring and believing that my day will come even with the struggles that I am facing.

So having to gather my witts after a very dishearten workout this AM. Yes a few tears did roll but I did a much better job of not letting the negative chatter in the run. Yes, I was sad that things did not go well but I tried to shake it off. I had to stretch and get my butt to my chiro to take a look at my medial shin that has been a bit achy on & off the last week. While there, he asked me how my running was going and I responsed just trying to keep the chin up :-) He could tell I was not my usual self and did his best to encourage me and remind me that it is all going to work out.

Than an interesting thing occured after I left his office in route to get a quick bite to eat. I ran into a local & very respected coach, he himself at in his late 30s maybe 40 is outkicking may of the younger runners here locally. Anyway I recognized him right away while we were standing in line at Qdoba, he was very nice and smile at me and I told him I recognized him and we exchanged names - both of us being Jamie's. :-) Funny, we immeidately started a really great conversation which led him to me what I was training for. Ah - Detroit next week and he asked how the training has been going. I let him in on my whole training cycle and than said how I have been struggling since I came back from my down week. He actually gave me such good advice and insight that eased my heart a bit - he said -"you know the body is a funny thing, it does not always response the way we think it should, it can be up and very down right before you make that break through and the break throughs can sometimes happen right after feeling so junky and when you least expect it". WOW I needed to hear that :-) Sometimes when you pray for peace and guidance from above, you have to know he hears you and sometimes the counsel he sends to ease your heart is by sending an angel into your path.

I will not let the yuckiness of this week keep me from having faith and I will keep moving forward body and mind.

Much love to all you out there struggling to move forward.

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