Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy Sunday

Feeling much more anchored after a week of topsy-tivey. I actually think I needed a week that made me stop and take a deep breathe. I think that is was neccasary in introspect to go through this week. Sometimes you need a breakdown to have a breakthrough...I know that God was trying to get me to work on somethings that were being ignored in my journey to achieving a PR. I think this week made me realize that I need to focused more on the process, the joy, and not the result.

I think what happens is you start putting pressue on yourself. Sometimes you want the results to show up sooner, quicker, faster. You're looking at Tom, your looking at Jane, your looking Anne without you noticing you start comparing your jounrey. And you start feeling you have to have it sooner - you sort of lose track that your journey is not the same as someone's else, that your results will show up when they are suppose and no amount of impatience will bring them any sooner but that impatience may delay their arrival. I think I started doing this as Detroit approached. I started to focus on the result way more than the process. I started to feel impatient. I think God dealt me the hand this past week to help me refocus and relax.

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