Monday, December 10, 2012

Do More

DO more of what fires you up.  When you are living out your passion actively - not just thinking about it or planning when you’ll do it, but DOING it - life happens.  Real, full, life.  DO more of what fires you up.  When you are actively doing the things that make you come alive, you find an endless well of creativity, giving, love, energy and inspiration.  Life gets richer in the best ways possible. Write a list of all the things that fire your heart up and post it where you can see it all the time!  Then… DO them.
It’s been such an inspiring day seeing all the Making Things Happen alum post their lists of what fires them up in our private Facebook group!  I encourage you to post yours too and share it on your blog or Facebook or wherever!  MTH alum, share yours too!  You never know who you’ll inspire or connect with.  Post links to your lists here and feel free to use this template to create yours! I’m working on my new list now (here’s my list from last year - I still love it all!) and will post it soon, too! - Lara

Kiawah really fired me up! I can not believe it had been almost 11 months since I ran a marathon! Really I frickin love the marathon. They are so different that short distance races. I think I am physically, emotionally and mentally best suited to the marathon. I almost always under perform in shorter distance races as compared to what I am suppose to be able to run but I always over perform for my level in the marathon. I think it comes down to a few things the marathon is not just a race. It is a journey for everyone out on that course. By nature I am not a competitive person in any realm so it is hard for me to put myself in a competitive mindset needed to be successful in the shorter distances whereas my cheerleader mentality comes in handy and is a huge strength in the marathon. When I can reach out to others on a course and help them along, I can help myself. Cheering others to success only fuels my energy level so this mindset what helps me be successful at the marathon.

I am very fired up about my decision to run more marathons and less half marathons or shorter distances. I want to focus on the distance that I love and is best for my strengths. Yes I will work on the speed stuff in the off season of not marathon training but I will not be racing shorter distances especially in the summer! That about wrecked my confidence!


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