Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fighting for your Dreams

One of the biggest things I have learned is that you really have to fight for your dreams! It is simply not enough to say Oh I want this thing or achievement or I would love this....

Cause the minute you put it out there the world will start testing your resolve in so many different ways. The declaration of the dream is the first act but that act will be followed with many situations that will make you fight or crawl away towards your goal. You have to make the decision every day to fight! Even on the days when there is no fight and you are tired. The only choice you have is to fight.

You will have people that do not believe in you, would rather you not chase your dreams because it forces them to look at themselves and what they are not doing in their life, you will have circumstances that test you, you may hit points in the road where you wonder if it is all worth it, you may work so hard and have very little show for it, you may have times that your fear can get bigger than your faith.

That beautiful dream that you conceived in your heart can fade very quickly in the background of your mind when all these things come at you.

One simple truth - You must fight to keep them alive!

God will not be there every morning putting the fight in you. You have to put the fight in you and know that God has your back. God is on the other side of NEVER GIVE UP.

Yeah it would so much easier if every moment of the day that someone was whispering encouragement into you ear. Not how it works! You must nurture the fight and than believe that your miracles/blessings will happen when it is God's time.

Another simple truth that I have learned - Do the work and the results will show up when they are suppose to!

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