Friday, December 28, 2012

Return to Getting After it

First workout back and I have so much gratitude and excitement coursing through my body. I went into this workout with no exceptations at all. I knew the pace guidelines but was ready to disregard in favor of effort. I was calm and not overly optimistic but knew if I stayed in the right place mentally to let something happen it would and it did! I have no idea how it happen but it was a miraclous run that gave me a glimspe into the fitness that is underneath just waiting for the right conditions to burst to the surface.

This workout gave me so much hope to hang my hat on and the will to keep on keeping on!

So the workout was a 2 mile w/u, 2X3 Mile @ 6:55-7:05 with 4 minute rest & 2 C/d

I did warm-up in the cold air that I love :-) It was maybe 40 degrees with a chilly breeze. Lovely! I didn't feel all that super during the warm-up and my pre-workout strides weren't all that fast but they did get the legs moving at a decent enough clip. Again I was in a state of no exceptations when I started and when I hit the first 400 comfortably at 7:10 and didn't feel like I was pressing I just let the run come to me and just relaxed into the pace..never pressing -just relaxing. I was so surprised and delight when I finished the first 3 mile set with these splits - 7:08, 7:10, 7:03  - Averge 7:07

So the first set brought my confidence up that I was going to okay running in that range because it never felt challenging. Than I started rolling in my first mile of my second set and I saw sub-7 minute pace. I tried not freak but just allow it if my body felt good enough to run that pace do not let my mind get in the way so I worked to stay relaxed and happy and had amazing second set - 6:58, 6:55, 6:52 - averaging 6:54. OMG! I was shocked, happy, relieved, hopeful and beyond grateful for this run!! I needed it so bad to help me work through these next weeks. I have big miles and workouts and hoping my body & mind stay with it and the thyroid meds kick in and allow for me to run to my potential this season!

I had an appt with sport med dr today and should have the complete thyroid blood work in a week so they can get me on the right meds and dosage level.

Good stuff ahead!!
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